Thursday, January 5, 2012

Rick Perry's Poor Mutilated Brain Thinks He Can Win

               peter stern

08:19 on 5 January 2012       

Rick Perry had taken one giant step towards Reality when he told the media that he was a-heading back to Texas to assess his campaign.
That brief moment disappeared when within hours the Governor of Texas told the public that he thinks he can win and that it wasn't hard to see and make that decision. Say it ain't so, Rick!

So, here we go again. The man never loses in Texas, so maybe he doesn't see a lost cause when he trips over one, because his national campaign is doomed --- a major catastrophe waiting to happen.

Folks in the North are too sophisticated and intelligent to vote for a fluffy head of hair with little brain underneath. So, what do you suppose is in that Texas drinking water? Poor "Tricky Ricky".... born to abuse and to lose.

The good news is that Americans will soon be rid of Rick Perry. The bad news is that Texans will get him back.

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