Thursday, September 4, 2014

BP loses court case...

Just read where BP lost its case in court.  The judge found BP negligent, reckless and in error, causing the largest oil spill and spread in history, killing some employees and polluting the seas and gulf.  This is a big “DUH!!!” because it should have been obvious and not tied up in court so long.  Anyway, better late than never.
Just for documentation purposes, I read it in the Austin Statesman[link below] . I sent the following letter to the editor...
Dear Editor:
The real crime is that this case has been in court for so long and I doubt whether BP will let the verdict lie, in fact, I would think the company might drag it out further by another appeal in even higher court.
BP and its contractors screwed-up in many ways, from poor or no routine inspections to disregarding safety measures causing the death of several employees and polluted the seas and gulf for many years to come.
No amount of money will correct those issues.
In addition, while I used to believe strongly in fewer regulations from government, this is one of those incidents where apparently more oversight is needed. After all, BP, Halliburton and others avoid taking the right safety measures themselves in the ongoing search for more profits and they continue to take short cuts or other adverse actions that "hurts the world" and "nature" by such activities.
Even after the totals come in on how much in total BP has to pay out, I'm sure the company still will have issues.