Thursday, June 26, 2014

Iraq and American Democracy: Leading the Charge

President Obama has not learned much in the past 7 years as America's chief.  What a huge disappointment this guy has become.

American taxpaying voters have the right to know what the real plan is in Iraq. Aside from the noble, yet questionable, attempt to provide Democracy in the Middle East, and also sweeping aside the obvious need to control the oil fields and support American businesses and contractors — what are the Obama administration’s short-term and long-term plans?

Certainly if the leader of a great nation wants the support of its people in fighting and paying for war and reconstruction, isn’t the obvious method to declare the intent, to submit a realistic budget, thereby providing rationale behind the slogans and efforts?   Obama shakes his head and laughs, “I’m NOT going to give a timeline. It just isn’t possible.”   President Obama prefers not to follow the Constitution and instead uses his Executive privilege whether he may abuse it or not.

If the real intent is to eliminate the “radical terrorists” inside the Iraq perimeter, why doesn’t the U.S. declare martial law so it can scour the cities and countryside to “search & destroy” the remaining “enemy” without more American soldiers dying from daily attacks and to divert a response killing more innocent civilians?   The use of drones may be required in the searching.

“Respect your President.”  “Honor the soldiers.”  “Don’t show cowardice to the enemy [terrorists]; it helps them.”
Enough of the outcries, slogans and propaganda.  Enough of the anger directed at each other.  Enough of the lies and “confusion” spread by America’s management.   No more vague promises, no blind faith in a positive outcome.  The time has come for the truth and a realistic game-plan.  

If the President and his followers believe him to be a real leader he owes it to all Americans to prove it, especially to those fighting and those who have died for some obscure, veiled causes.
It’s really not that difficult.   

Simply, “Mr. President, what’s the game-plan?”