Monday, June 27, 2016

The Will of the People?

The Will of the People?
It has already started, but the next step for nation leaders is to eliminate VOTING in their individual countries.
People all over the world are angry and discontented.  If they are able to vote, they vote for what they want and yet the leaders still won't do what the people want.
So, in my opinion, if the leaders don't want to do what the people are asking or demanding them to do...whether Brexit or having Trump as the GOP candidate, or any other issue... then the next logical step would be for leaders to try to remove VOTING completely... and they are trying to do that
It is our entire political system that has determined to rule the people as a monarchy.  There are fingers and voices pointing at one party or the other, but it is the entire system that is at fault.
We are "given" false individual and civil rights, but those in charge do whatever they want and not what the people want.

It is tyranny at best.