Saturday, April 19, 2014

Texas should be renamed Taxes!
Taxes are destroying Americans.
In Texas it’s property taxes that need to be significantly lowered. While the GOP is very fond of saying "No new taxes," the reality is that even it raises fees and penalties and pushes for toll roads. No matter what Republicans say, they ARE raising taxes by these means and by various and frequent road, schools and other bond packages that increase taxes further.  Business taxes are high and there also is a push to levy a Personal State Income Tax.  That would be another huge mistake.

So, let's call a tax a tax and let's not just blame Democrats for "tax and spend" mentalities. Both parties continue to take money from the poor and what's left of the middle class. The wealthy have deductions and the ability to pay taxes if they are levied.

The 2-party system has failed most Americans.

Our Constitution has been manipulated to enable and protect the wealthy and not all Americans.

I believe our forefathers would be shaking their heads at how the political system has challenged the survival of most Americans and would be reminded of why we held a revolution against the British in the first place... sky-high taxes!