Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Battle of Donald Trump vs. Jorge Ramos

I often don’t care for Bill O’Reilly.  I find he can be incorrect in some assessments, rude and obnoxious and so I don’t frequently listen or watch him or his show.  However, the commentary regarding the Trump vs. Ramos incident at the Trump rally in Iowa is right on target. 
Donald Trump

Jorge Ramos, anchorman for Univision TV, which is the largest Hispanic station in the world, clearly was the aggressor.  Ramos didn’t wait to be called on, he stood up and began yelling his questions and comments.  This was NOT an issue of “freedom of the press” as Ramos wants us to believe.
It is no secret that Trump is suing Univision for roughly $40 million.  You can be sure that animosity came into play on both sides.

Jorge Ramos, Univision
I watched the Trump rally in Iowa and saw the entire episode with Ramos, who was, to say the least, as provocative as are the “Black Lives Matter” and Ramos had to believe that since the group has been successful with aggressively interfering with and at campaign rallies, that this brand of aggressive interfering would work for him.  Furthermore, even after Trump answered several of Ramos’ questions, the anchorman didn’t like the answers and aggressively went to other issues.  Ramos did not simply want to ask Trump questions, he went to the rally to try to embarrass Trump and to be an activist for amnesty.
Even when Trump tried to answer his questions, Ramos kept on interrupting him and making statements with more questions.
Jorge Ramos mentioned “11 million illegals” and how in the world Trump was going to return them to their countries of origin.  While he has the right to ask the question, he doesn’t have the right to argue the answer there.  It is more like 30 million illegals in this nation from Mexico and other countries in many areas of the world.

Lastly, Ramos thinks he is an anchor for Univision;  however, as Bill Riley had told him during their recent interview, Ramos is really a commentator or an activist, NOT an anchor or reporter as he calls himself.
People can believe what they want to regarding the incident between Trump and Ramos, but it is my humble opinion that Trump did nothing wrong, in fact, he continued trying to answer questions from an activist anchorman who didn’t really seem to want the answers to those questions.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Why voting for Donald Trump is not a bad idea...

In response... Why voting for Trump makes $en$e
We could throw our tax dollars to our own remaining middle class who needs it desperately instead of tossing millions to a nation of terrorists [Iran] who want to kill all of us.

Our leaders are so stupid.

I will vote for Trump just to shake up Washington and to pi$$ off Congressional members. 

Let Trump irritate them the way Congress has irritated American citizens during the past several decades.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Millionaire Democrat George Soros at the helm of the group Black Lives Matter

 Wake up, people...
Ever wonder where the money comes from to fund these ridiculous protests?  The kind that gets violent or aggressive in our society?

Millionaire Democrat George Soros funds Black Lives Matter and he also funded and still funds the Fergusson "protests" and other groups and acts of violence in the hopes of spurring on civil violence.  It is a huge con job and the media falls into the PC of all these incidents.

All is NOT as it seems.

Check it out for yourselves.

Here is the site for Black Lives Matter

How can this group function so quickly, be in all places and have a home site up and running so quickly if they didn't have a millionaire's backing.  Soros wants chaos.  It helps the Democrats' cause... to get more votes and power.

Friday, August 14, 2015

in response to too many articles on Iran and ISIS


The Idiocracy of America
We seem to always have our feet in quicksand.  We can’t move to action on almost any issue.  

Regarding ISIS, it is a well funded organization that wants to take over the world and create chaos for everyone else.  The idiot President and members of Congress need to step up and completely annihilate ISIS no matter what it takes.
Iran has threatened to kill all infidels and that includes us at the number one spot.  We should never remove economic sanctions on Iran and if necessary we should fly into Iran and destroy any and all nuclear capabilities.  Whatever happened to “No Deals with Terrorists?”
Most of the candidates still refer to 11 million illegals here, a number derived a long time ago.  They don’t really think about things and need to realize the number is closer to 30 million.

Political correctness is destroying the US.

For the most part, we are idiots, with no change in sight.