Friday, August 14, 2015

in response to too many articles on Iran and ISIS


The Idiocracy of America
We seem to always have our feet in quicksand.  We can’t move to action on almost any issue.  

Regarding ISIS, it is a well funded organization that wants to take over the world and create chaos for everyone else.  The idiot President and members of Congress need to step up and completely annihilate ISIS no matter what it takes.
Iran has threatened to kill all infidels and that includes us at the number one spot.  We should never remove economic sanctions on Iran and if necessary we should fly into Iran and destroy any and all nuclear capabilities.  Whatever happened to “No Deals with Terrorists?”
Most of the candidates still refer to 11 million illegals here, a number derived a long time ago.  They don’t really think about things and need to realize the number is closer to 30 million.

Political correctness is destroying the US.

For the most part, we are idiots, with no change in sight.


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