Sunday, October 18, 2015

Obama must be allergic to Israel

Israel’s worst friend...
Our President and his administration are a danger to Israel and the world.  We citizens need to hold them very accountable for their actions and inactions.  In review, Obama is the worst President we ever had and the American people should be ashamed that we, as a nation, continue to follow his incorrigible foreign policy.
Israel is our only true ally in the ME and we are failing to support it unconditionally, which we must do.  I’m not sure if the President is simply inept or consciously promoting an “Islamic superiority” throughout the world while endangering our very existence.  It is becoming more apparent that Obama is an enemy of the American people and certainly of Israel.  It’s a shame that we have another year of Obama rule.

Congress must find a way to bypass the President and provide the support Israel needs and deserves. 

Saturday, October 17, 2015

GOP in search of a Speaker...

Don't all jump up to be Speaker of the House.

The issue is not that the GOP can't decide on who to support for Speaker.  The problem is that no one seems to want the position and that opens up a whole different "can of worms."
In addition, it is both parties that have failed Americans, so don't go pointing fingers just at the GOP.
The Democrats are hell bent on pushing more Socialist agendas and it already, along with ultra political correctness, has been destroying the America we once knew and loved.  Contrary to what Bernie Sanders says, there is no such thing as Democratic Socialism.
You may either have Democracy or Socialism.  One negates the other.  Simply look at history and the real definition of Socialism to see that the US is slipping further and further into becoming just another 3rd World Nation. 

Furthermore, being ultra politically correct doesn't help our cause.  It opens us up for more internal chaos and decay.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Hillary Clinton's quest for the Holy Grail...

Guess it all doesn't matter since most of America still has bought into the Clinton Dynasty and even though she'll most likely be a terrible 1st woman President, as she was a terrible Sec. of State,  it seems that most voters will opt for her.

After 8 years of Obama and socialism, it appears that Americans think that more socialism is the next step.  It will change our nation horribly, even more than it has already... and many people don’t even know it yet.

The middle class generally is the one that hurts the worst from any leadership.

As more poor will get their minimal free health care and the wealthy can afford to get their expensive private health care, those in the middle won't be able to afford to buy it and won't be considered for free health care either.

Notice also that there is no Cost of Living Adjustment in 2016 for those on Social Security and VA Benefits in a nation where costs escalate all the time.  Ironic, isn’t it?  Along with ultra political correctness currently in fashion, our grandchildren and their children will pay a heavy price for our folly.

We are living in a mess that keeps on giving.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Dems accuse GOP of being homophobic???

In response to various articles in which Democrats point their collective fingers at the GOP for being homophobic...
Poor Agenda Pushed by Democrats
Really?  Is the main focus of Democrats going to be on gays?  Is that the most important issue in America? 

Americans need intelligent, action-oriented leaders who care about the entire American Community.

While it may be one of many issues, a maximum of 10 percent of Americans are gay, while 90 million Americans have unemployment issues and there are 30 million illegal immigrants in our nation who should not be here.

We have a health care system that is still failing most Americans and we have many urgent security issues, including at our borders.

So, I would say that the Democrats should be more focused on the top American mainstream issues instead of making their main agenda about 10 percent of the population.

Friday, October 2, 2015

the State of the World...

President Obama and his advisers are saying that Putin isn't a worry in the Middle East because he has a coalition of only 3 and we have the rest of the world.
A coalition of 3?  No problem???
Well, a coalition of 2, Nazi Germany and Italy, almost conquered the world.
We almost waited too long to defeat the Nazis.   We shouldn't forget history and we should learn from our mistakes.