Thursday, December 13, 2018

Electric Cars have their down-side...

Children miners work long hours to ensure you get your electric car to stop pollution.  But the mining pollutes children's lives, spirit and health.

Nancy and Chuck are Enemies of the American People...

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer drink the ultra-liberal water that is flowing around the nation. I have no idea what has happened to liberal minds but they have totally lost their way. They have given up their American ideals and nation for millions in contributions. They are arrogant, obnoxious and contemptible. They continue to ruin millions of American lives by their actions and inactions. It's a shame that liberalism has become the black death contagion of the 21st Century.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Letter to President Trump on delusional NY Times article...

Re:  NY Times Article branding Republicans as liars and scoundrels

Dear President Trump:

The NY Times has endless and delusional writers who love to blame President Trump and the GOP for all the lying, cheating and violence throughout our nation.  I responded with the following:

Ridiculous article and point of view!  It is actually the Liberals who are fear mongering.  They say things such as Trump is like Hitler and he is out to build racism and eliminate health care for the poor and middle class.  What a load of tripe!

You should be more concerned that waves of Mexicans, South Americans and Central Americans are trying to force themselves into our nation whether we want them or not.

Democrats should, but don't, concern themselves with intelligently modifying US Immigration laws if they want more immigrants allowed into our nation, instead of funding and building armies of them to invade the US.  How ridiculous is that?

These days we are bombarded by extremist politics on both sides and it needs to stop!  We need some intelligent middle grounded ideas, taking the best from each party and getting rid of the absurd demands of each.  We need to work together instead of in-fighting,  but the incorrigible and lackluster media helps to build the frenzy of radicalism to sell their wares.  It's disgusting.

The great literary figure, Virginia Woolf would have stated something like, "How do I wade through all the verbal garbage to find the Truth?" and she'd be right!

Best regards and keep up the great work,

Peter Stern

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Another Caravan heading to the US....

Another caravan of people heading our way from Central America and Mexico...

The world is insane and so are we. We should stop making ridiculous payments to other nations because the people in those nations seldom get an end nor services. We embolden officials and gangs who pocket the money. We could use that money here.

There is a stupid law that says the US must accept all people who state they are persecuted in their countries. While no people should fear for their lives in any nation, we already have MILLION$ of immigrants illegal and those for "political" asylum and we don't even deal properly with the thousands of homeless Americans who sleep and live on our streets.

We need to deal with all these issues very differently than we are.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

2018 mid-term elections

As we head closer to the mid-term elections we need to view some real Truths.

First Truth:  Both parties are worried, but Republicans less worried than Democrats.

2nd Truth:  Both parties use fear-mongering to get votes.  Democrats use it far more, using Trump-hatred for more votes.

3rd Truth:  Both parties have failed Americans by going to left and right extremes.  What we need most importantly are legislators and leaders more balanced...taking from issues/platforms of left and right.

4th Truth:  Most media can NOT be trusted to tell us the Truth.  We are bombarded by false comments and opinions that have little or no foundation.  Most media have become entertainment and provocation rags.

Good luck!  US Citizens are going to need it.  The future looks grim for our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren unless we start moving toward some middle-ground and start working together to resolve urgent issues and our conflicting views!

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

It's OUR nation!

What a nation of lost souls we have become.

Determined people are doing whatever they want...which is to create chaos and to bring down our government.  While our government is a mess, it's still the best in the world.  These are crazy and dangerous times and we need to work together to resolve our urgent issues.  All this impeachment nonsense, the information and misinformation on immigration and other issues are to engage our attention elsewhere and to allow the chaos to continue.  

Wake up people!!!  We are US American Citizens first and everything else is secondary.  Please realize this!

I am NOT a Democrat, nor a Republican, but I am for common sense and recognize that we need to stop antagonizing each other and to try better to work together and resolve the issues.

It's OUR nation!