Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Reduce Taxes on the Wealthy, BUT....


06:20 on 11 April 2012
Another Socialist Economic Plan?
Some may call this yet another socialist program, but it is not when you read the entire plan.
  • For one, it substantially lowers the taxes for wealthy individuals and businesses.
  • Secondly, it enables lower income Americans to take the money provided and reinvest it into the ailing economy.
  • It would help to ease the unequal class balance between the wealthy and the poorer.
  • Lastly, by providing the money directly to Americans, it would boost the economy more quickly, which would also enable businesses to earn income faster and create new job more rapidly.

Monday, April 9, 2012

And now for something a little different...

A fishing tall tale?
The most frightening fish may be the smallest

This is true.

Found in the Amazon, the Candiru Asu catfish is a small catfish [the size of a large minnow] with a round mouth that DRILLS into a person, creature or fish, is a meat eater and then eats the body from the inside where only the skin and bones remain. They will bite circular "bullet" holes into a body, legs, arms, feet, whatever and will enter and begin to eat. Nice image!