Sunday, September 27, 2015

US border issue...

Protect all our borders

Our border with Canada should be protected as well as the one with Mexico.  

Many of the "Allah Akbar" crazies come through Canada hoping to wreak havoc here in the US.

We need to put a moratorium on all immigration until we deal with border security and the 30 million illegals here.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Stop the Islamic Jihad takeover of the US and western nations

Keep America American!

Stop the Progression of Islamic Jihad in the US and western nations
Halt the invasion of Islam by stopping all refugees and illegals coming into the US.  Our leaders are inept and ignorant of what they are doing.  Soon by sheer increase of population Islamic people will take over in western countries and the jihad will be successful

Current ultra liberal policies are killing our nation..

Interesting that no Arab/Islamic nations are accepting Syrian refugees.  Saudi Arabia takes in NONE of them and the insane joke is that the UN has made Saudi Arabia the leader of its Human Rights Committee.  What a laugh.  No Islamic nation gives a hoot about human rights.

Too many illegals and other immigrants come into the US not to assimilate to our culture, but to force their culture onto American citizens.  We are supposed to cater to all their wants and needs instead of them conforming to living here as so many legal immigrants have done for generations.

Our children, grandchildren and future generations will suffer due to our folly and inability to keep America American.

Wake up, citizens!  If we don't stop it now, it will be too late.

Friday, September 4, 2015

No annual Cost of Living Adjustment

Annual COLA:  Helping Americans who need it...
Just became aware that this year once again there will be no Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) for those on Social Security and SS Disability and VA Disability.
I have written the White House and to various Legislators during the past several years to develop a new formula for determining automatic COLA's because the old formula is antiquated and inaccurate.  Yet, no one deals properly with the issue.
Instead, we have increased money for Medicaid and welfare recipients and we throw billions away to Iran and other nations in the world and yet we do so little for those on Medicare and other needed programs for seniors, the disabled and people who have worked their entire lives, paid taxes and who can't work any more.
Even Medicare costs to recipients have increased and other medical cost directly attributed to the failed Obamacare program.  We continue to throw money at illegal immigrants who are helped before our own citizens.  IT IS NOT RIGHT TO DO SO!
Personally, I don't know families depending on the COLA will get by.  During the past 8 years we now have had 3 occasions where there was no COLA increase, while all other expenses have risen.
Please stop throwing tax dollars away on useless causes and use them instead to help US citizens who look to the annual COLA as a supplement to help them survive each year.
Congress must act to change what doesn't work for millions of Americans.