Friday, July 1, 2016

Bill Clinton Meets AG Loretta Lynch (much like the movie Frankenstein Meets the Mummy)
The meetings between Bill Clinton and the Federal AG regarding Hillary Clinton’s investigation by the FBI highlights the ongoing corruption and out of control special interest behavior rampant in Washington DC.
The Clinton’s are much like the old Greek Gods... omnipotent... and they simply do whatever they want without reprisal.
Anyone who votes for Hillary this year is mentally disabled.
Clinton and the AG blatantly don't care what the public thinks about this.  Both are above the law and are seldom held responsible for their actions.
This type of behavior needs to stop in Washington, but whether it will or not is up to the American people.  We need to start demanding things from our officials.
It is like we are in the last days of the Roman Empire and Nero fiddles as Rome burned.

If the People can not get Washington back under some sense of control, "Americans are a doomed species!"