Saturday, December 27, 2014

NYC Police let Mayor Bill de Blasio know he's "dead meat" from now on...

Very dramatic and interesting statement by NYC Police.

This is very similar to the time that the NYC Police “went on strike” back in the 1970’s at the Yankee Stadium fight between Ken Norton and Mohammed Ali.   Norton won that fight, but the judges gave it to Ali and the police just stood inside and outside the Stadium as large gangs of kids and punks robbed wealthy people in limos and beat up on people and the police just let them do it, never lifting a finger to help or to do their jobs.   They wanted their higher pay and benefits and at that time I think it was Mayor Beam who was Public Enemy #1 to the police.  The city refused to support police and the police let them know it was a huge mistake.
Now it is this idiot mayor de Blasio who hasn’t really supported the NYC Police and they are letting him know it.   This is the worst relationship a mayor has had with the police since that time I mentioned above.  As far as I’m concerned, Mayor de Blasio is “dead meat” now.  There is nowhere to hide from the mess he has created.
Police all around the nation are in similar turmoil.  Without police having the full support of city management and the people, it is going to be a Hell on Earth in the US from now on.
Peter Stern

 From Fox News...
  • HUNDREDS OF POLICE OFFICERS outside the Queens, NY church where the funeral of Rafael Ramos was being held turned their backs on Mayor Bill de Blasio as he eulogized the fallen officer who was ambushed last week along with his partner.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

A few words on our legislators and on "political correctness..."

By "legislators" I mean those who serve in the US Congress, and those legislators at the State and Local levels.  They all seem to forget that they serve the people who voted for them and not merely for themselves and their very wealthy special interests.

We need more legislators who are middle road oriented and who balance our needs and objectives in an intelligent, rational and responsible manner.

We all have lost the art of compromise, which was very important to the men who developed our Constitution.  Balance is crucial in making our democratic Republic work properly, but we've tossed all of that balance out the window.

Legislators rather do nothing than to compromise and be reasonable with their perceived enemies on either side.  It needs to stop because we are committing national suicide.

In addition, being "politically correct" (whatever that is these days) is destroying what was great about our nation.  

Once upon a time we called a Christmas tree a Christmas tree.  It didn't matter.  Now all of a sudden we can't function without being "politically correct."  

I say throw "political correctness" out the window, along with most of our legislators.  We deserve better.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

President Obama not seeing clearly...

President needs better vision
Maybe the president needs to clean the White House windows to get a better view of middle America. Twenty million Americans are out of work, while thousands have lost their homes to foreclosure.
Hundreds of jobs are being outsourced to cheaper labor overseas or to illegal immigrants here.  Our children’s education has taken a back seat to the net profits of the corporate sector.  Most Americans lack affordable health care and too many are in debt for over-using credit cards to pay for their daily living expenses.
But we’re fighting expensive wars overseas that we can’t win.   American soldiers continue to die daily in Iraq, Afghanistan and other god-forsaken places throughout the world, while the needs and care of our veterans are not being met.

Never has an American president appeared so disassociated from the reality of the American people.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Obama on the Brink...

Obama’s Madness

President Barack Obama is psychologically disturbed if he really thinks Americans will buy into his immigration "reform" after he has screwed us over with his big financial promises to help us get our lives back on track, e.g., more and better paying jobs, the dismal and forced-through Congress Affordable Care Act, etc. 

And now he is pushing everyone's buttons regarding "racism" as a means to move for the military to takeover the job of police for law enforcement throughout the nation.

In truth, Obama may be the absolute worst President we ever had.  

The greatest Christmas present we could give ourselves is to impeach him before his term ends.  He has earned that action.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

"Peaceful" protests rage violently throughout our nation....

The Wilson/Brown incident in Ferguson, Missouri was NOT racist.  

Rather it was arrogance and hostility by Michael Brown that initiated all the actions.  Brown was a bully and a thug and if the black community can't come to terms with that, then it needs to do a lot of soul searching into itself.  

Blacks need to take some responsibility for the actions that cause police to act the way they do.  A belligerent, aggressive and disrespectful Brown was responsible for his own death.  Police Officer Darren Wilson had every right to do what he did based on Brown's actions.

On the other hand, the issue in Staten Island, NY re: Eric Garner and Police Officer Daniel Pantaleo was a case of inappropriate police actions and the Grand Jury should have found the officer guilty of brutality and murder.  It was a grave error that the Grand Jury found Officer Pantaleo innocent of the charges.

While many blacks are trying to compare the 2 incidents in MO and NY as being the same issue of police brutality, it is an incorrect assessment and comparison.  

Mr. Garner was innocent of any wrong-doing.  He managed to cry out that he couldn't breathe... at least 4 times.  Daniel Pantaleo and other officers on the scene did not heed his cries.  Pantaleo was in fact guilty of murder and the other police officers were guilty as accomplices.
In conclusion, the violence now being perpetrated by many blacks and whites in the guise of peaceful protesting against police brutality does not aid their cause.  

The continued violence underscores the main reason why police act the way they do in hostile environments and they are justified to use rubber bullets, tear gas, and whatever else they need to protect and serve the majority of people... blacks and whites and people of all color who are law-abiding citizens. 

President Obama and his administration seem to support the recklessness and lawlessness so that future law enforcement will be done by the military and will be of Federal jurisdiction.  We are swiftly moving towards an oligarchical military/police state.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Why the Affordable Care Act (ACA), a.k.a., Obamacare bites the big one!

The ACA was rammed through Congress like poop through a duck!

Many people think they like it.  Many are liberals who think it's the greatest deal in the world for poor people, so they can afford to buy health care.

I'm here to tell you that the Affordable Care Act STINKS!!!

We were told the premiums would be significantly lower and they are NOT.
We were NOT told that out-of-pocket expenses would increase dramatically.
We were NOT told that yearly deductibles would escalate absurdly from where they were around $250 per year way up to a high of $15,000 per year, depending on what sort of coverage you want and what premium you want.
We were NOT told about all the hidden costs we would have to pay for services and that we wouldn't know about them until we are billed by doctors, hospitals, et. al.
The AFA is a terrible concept and it is failing Americans on most levels.
If you want to pay a small premium for poor coverage, it is possible to get a slight deal.
We were told that insurance companies must cover preexisting conditions; however, many people are finding that their preexisting conditions are either NOT covered or they must PAY MUCH MORE to have it covered.

Furthermore, health care providers are playing end-around games with patients and charging more for their goods and services, plus, the costs are rising every 6 months!
If Obama and Congress wanted to provide everyone with cheaper insurance they should have extended Medicare for all Americans.
People could have been charged the same amounts Medicare recipients are paying for the same Medicare benefits and affordable deductibles.
It's all a fight to pull-in the mighty dollar!
But, the health providers would throw a major fit.  They couldn't charge high premiums and deductibles; they couldn't charge elevated costs for medications; they would have to take in less profit under a Medicare for All program.
Medicare works well for most people on it; it is a proven system and they had it right in front of Obama's nose!!!
Health care was much better BEFORE Obama sold our nation a bill of goods.  It was cheaper and more affordable.

Both President Obama and his Obamacare have been a HUGE disappointment.  Interestingly, many people still don’t know it, but in time they will.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Police forces and our civil rights under attack

In general, people continue to be stupid.  While we are all guilty of stupidity sometimes, others are too often more adept at it

While black people and others have a legitimate "gripe" about what transpired recently in Staten Island, NY, the events in Ferguson, MO may not be as apparent.  In either case, people becoming violent at so-call "protests" across the nation really don't comprehend fully what they are doing and how it may affect our nation in the immediate future.

The police are not the enemy.  We need the police.  it’s a handful of them that are out of control at times.  It has always been that way and most likely always will be.  It’s the nature of the beast.

In addition, it is up to the black population and communities in our country to change the status quo and the image of black people by rising up from much of the actions and criminal activities going on in these communities.  Naturally many blacks are law-abiding and valuable citizens.  However, the public view is that all or the majority of blacks may be violent, aggressive, drug-involved, gang-related, government-aided and unemployed population.

If blacks want to change that view they need to get involved at the community level and start to promote the change necessary to build a different view, thereby, changing the national outlook on blacks and also how the police view them.  It is also a huge opportunity for blacks to provide a better future for their children and for generations to come.  The black community with the help of local police must work together and rid neighborhoods of criminal elements and inappropriate behavior.  That's the best way for change.

If these ongoing street “protests” continue to become violent and if the powers that be increase a tighter oversight over police actions, we will have not only a weakened and ineffective police force throughout states, cities, counties and towns, but we may be moving more quickly towards greater military involvement into our daily activities.  In that scenario there may be even more force on the American people and our civil liberties may vanish in the process.  And if we go that route we will move even further away from being a democratic republic than we already are.

The time for change in now, but it must be in an intelligent and peaceful progression.
Below is an article showing one instance of violent protest.  Others are brewing all over our nation.

Below this line I have placed links to some articles that are considering action and/or increased oversight of police forces throughout the nation.  Feel free to read and to share with others.  We need to remain informed.

"Time for honest conversation on racism says NYC mayor"

"Are police tactics the problem?"

"Police departments scrambling to reduce excessive force"

"Body cameras worn by police 'are no safeguard of truth' experts say" 

Two police officers injured as Berkeley protest turns violent

December 6, 2014: Police officers deploy tear gas against violent protesters in Berkeley, Calif. (Courtesy KTVU)
Two officers were injured Saturday night as a California protest over police killings turned violent with protesters smashing windows and throwing rocks and bricks at police, who responded by firing tear gas, authorities said.
Several officers were struck, but there were just two reports of injury, Berkeley police spokeswoman Jenn Coats said.  A Berkeley police officer received hospital treatment for a dislocated shoulder after being hit with a sandbag, while another sustained minor injuries.
The demonstration against police killings of unarmed black men in Missouri and New York began peacefully, the latest of several in the Bay Area in recent days. But Coats said that a some protesters later broke away and began throwing rocks, bottles and pipes at officers.
Dozens of law officers from several surrounding agencies joined Berkeley police in trying to quell the unrest, which included protesters attempting to access Interstate 80 and stop traffic. A California Highway Patrol officer told KTVU that the protesters did not make it onto the freeway and only caused temporary delays.
She said several businesses on University Avenue were vandalized and damaged, including Trader Joe's, Radio Shack and a Wells Fargo Bank branch.
"A small splinter group from the original protests continues to march in Berkeley," Coats said in a statement issued shortly before at 11 p.m. PST. "Unfortunately this group has become violent and continues to throw objects, including rocks and bricks at officers."
She said officers attempting to get the crowd to disperse used tear gas.
"Several dispersal orders have been given, and the crowd has ignored the orders. In response to the violence officers have utilized tear gas and smoke in an effort to disperse the crowd," she said.
Police did not provide further details of any injuries or arrests.
"The total number of arrests and injuries is not known at this time," Coats' statement said.
KTVU reported that approximately 400 people took part in the protest march, which was planned to proceed from the University of California, Berkeley campus to Oakland's Civic Center. The station reported that officers closed two Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) stations due to the protest, but later re-opened them.
The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The National Debt soars over $18T !!!

Moving on to some worse news...

Our National Debt soared over $18 trillion and underscores the inept planning of Obama and his administration and that of previous administrations.

Are we going to manufacture more money to overcompensate the the lack of fiscal restraint?  We are acting as poorly and absurdly as did the Adolf Hitler regime under Nazi Germany prior to WWII and the incredible over-inflation that plagued that nation and its resources.

We are following negative history more closely than we imagine.

Look at the ongoing and escalating internal chaos spreading around the US.  Internal unrest, high inflation, lack of good paying jobs, high numbers of illegal immigrants, power & control issues between Federal, State and Local Governments... it doesn't look good, folks.

When is this administration going to get serious about fiscal economics?  When do both Elephants and Donkeys start working together to put our nation on the best path for healing and resolving so many urgent issues?

Congress has no credibility with the American people.  It has a 14 percent approval rating.  Do we have to smack each member of Congress over the head with a 2X4 to get their attention???

Monday, December 1, 2014

disgusted about the Michael Brown case and following uprising...


1:52:59 PM on 1 December 2014

Don't know about how all of you feel about the Michael Brown case in Fergusson, MO, whereby this young black man [Brown] 6'4" at 245 lbs. was aggressive towards a [white] Fergusson police officer, Darren Wilson, who shot and killed him.  Many from the black community are up in arms about it because many are saying that excessive force was used, being that Brown supposedly was unarmed and had his arms raised in a law-abiding pose, but the facts don't really support the street views given. The street verdict was that the officer acted out of racism, that Brown was not resisting or acting violently.

In addition, the facts also highlight a video from a nearby store in which we see Michael Brown acting violently toward a clerk or owner of the store before he emerges from the store and is walking along with a friend before a police car calls out to them.  

See store video for yourself:

Then there is documentation that reports Brown fought the officer [still in the vehicle] and was wrestling with the officer who had his weapon drawn in defense against Brown.  The rest of the incident remains open to some speculation.
In addition, there was a report that Brown may have been under the influence of an illegal substance [drugs] and that the substance may have encouraged violent behavior towards the store clerk and the police officer.
In conclusion, the officer was cleared of any wrong-doing by a lengthy review and verdict by a grand jury, but many protesters refused to agree with the findings and began some peaceful and then violent protests throughout Fergusson, St. Louis, and some other towns and areas.  The violence did foster street mayhem in the form of store looting and setting fires to homes and stores.  Fights broke out and a man in his thirties was killed by 3 young teens with a hammer.
It has gotten ugly and even the Reverend Al Sharpton has become involved and perhaps inciting further protests throughout Fergusson and the nation.  It often seems that protesters are acting out emotions and/or violent and aggressive tactics and many do not seem to have considered the facts in the case that prompted a grand jury of their peers to file a not-guilty verdict.
Meanwhile, Officer Darren Wilson submitted his resignation from the Fergusson Police Force and despite the grand jury dismissing any guilt on his part, will not receive any severance pay from the department.

Everyone needs to watch this video of one black man's view:

See and hear Charles Barkley's view of Ferguson and the jury's verdict


I am disgusted by the methods used by many of the protesters who now appear to be comprised of blacks and whites and who are using the case to aggressively halt public traffic and protest without permits when needed.  The violence now continues throughout the nation and even this past Sunday 5 black pro-football players from the St. Louis Rams mimicked the raised hands which has become the outcry of the protesters and they did so in front of public television.  A police organization has requested that the players be punished and the movement of protesters does not seem to be subsiding, nor apparently do they recognize and/or accept the facts and videos provided to the grand jury, which has been made very public and transparent to anyone wanting to see the facts of the case.
You may view some of the articles posted on the case by looking around on the front page in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch  here
Meanwhile, the real victims continue to be the citizens of Fergusson and St. Louis and other nearby areas, who fear for their lives on a daily basis.  The police has been mostly passive as per direction from the Department of Justice and President Obama.  The powers that be are NOT interested in protecting the citizen majority and in removing the reality-based fear for survival.
There are ways to protest and there are ways to incite people towards criminal behavior.  The verdict was given and if certain people don't agree with it then they should file an appeal like all the rest of us would need to do.  But the violence and inappropriate behavior will continue and we have not seen the end of it by any means.  The police must punish those who determine to be hostile and aggressive to persons and property and they also should not accept the disruption of public traffic in any area.  Protection of the public is paramount.
At least that's what I believe.  How do you feel?

Thursday, November 20, 2014

my response to Speaker Boehner...

Dear Speaker Boehner:
You said, “Instead of working together to fix our broken immigration system, the president says he’s acting on his own.  That’s just not how our democracy works.   The president has said before that ‘he’s not king’ and he’s ‘not an emperor,’ but he’s sure acting like one.  And he’s doing it a time when the American people want nothing more than for us to work together.”
While I agree with your statement, I also need to remind you that upon Obama's inauguration the Republicans publicly proclaimed that it would NOT approve anything Obama wanted and the GOP also promised that it would NOT cooperate nor compromise with Obama.
So, the GOP first decided to become renegades and now the President is determined to be a renegade.
Neither party has worked in the best interests of American citizens and the President acts in the same absurd way.  There is a reason that Congress has a 14 percent approval rating.
Neither party is innocent during the past 2 decades.  Neither party has offered to compromise and meet in the middle on various issues.  Consequently, both parties have failed American citizens and continue to do so.
Change your tactics and work together.  Stop blaming each other.  You are both at fault.
Peter Stern


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A few words of truth on the 2014-midterm elections

The 'sheeple' never learn that it doesn't really matter if the majority in House and Senate is Republican or Democrat.    The 2-party system has failed Americans and it will continue to do so.

The gaming of liberal vs. conservative doesn't translate into any victories for the American people.

Congress is still the "do-nothing" Congress that we all hate.

 - Peter Stern

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Illegals get American driver's licenses and the right to vote...

And then there's the situation I sent you in private [email] about the North Caroline DMV that provides illegals with driver's licenses, but then also automatically provided voter registration with these license Photo ID's as well.

A growing number of states across the country, including Maryland, Utah and New Mexico, grant licenses to all qualified drivers regardless of immigration status, and many others have considered similar proposals.
Now THAT's outrageous!!!  

Illegals in our nation who "legally" drive and vote?  It's against the law!

If I was in NC or in one of the other states, I would file a lawsuit against the State and the DMV for doing this.  In fact, I believe the DOJ is filing or has filed a lawsuit against North Carolina.

Meanwhile, what happened to the rights of American citizens???

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Photo ID's

I'm sorry that Photo ID's were made an election issue.

The GOP was very dumb in presenting it that way.

 The party should have simply declared that all American citizens should have a photo ID to help identify them from the 30 million illegals living and working in our nation, so that we don't accidentally deport them or their children.

Maybe then it would have been accepted as a common sense reality and need..

Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Texas Voter Photo ID Law goes into effect...

This requirement is effective immediately.
Here is a list of the acceptable forms of photo ID:
  • Texas driver license issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS)
  • Texas Election Identification Certificate issued by DPS
  • Texas personal identification card issued by DPS
  • Texas concealed handgun license issued by DPS
  • United States military identification card containing the person’s photograph
  • United States citizenship certificate containing the person’s photograph
  • United States passport
With the exception of the U.S. citizenship certificate, the identification must be current or have expired no more than 60 days before being presented for voter qualification at the polling place.

The above noted on the Texas Secretary of State web site:

Thursday, September 4, 2014

BP loses court case...

Just read where BP lost its case in court.  The judge found BP negligent, reckless and in error, causing the largest oil spill and spread in history, killing some employees and polluting the seas and gulf.  This is a big “DUH!!!” because it should have been obvious and not tied up in court so long.  Anyway, better late than never.
Just for documentation purposes, I read it in the Austin Statesman[link below] . I sent the following letter to the editor...
Dear Editor:
The real crime is that this case has been in court for so long and I doubt whether BP will let the verdict lie, in fact, I would think the company might drag it out further by another appeal in even higher court.
BP and its contractors screwed-up in many ways, from poor or no routine inspections to disregarding safety measures causing the death of several employees and polluted the seas and gulf for many years to come.
No amount of money will correct those issues.
In addition, while I used to believe strongly in fewer regulations from government, this is one of those incidents where apparently more oversight is needed. After all, BP, Halliburton and others avoid taking the right safety measures themselves in the ongoing search for more profits and they continue to take short cuts or other adverse actions that "hurts the world" and "nature" by such activities.
Even after the totals come in on how much in total BP has to pay out, I'm sure the company still will have issues.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Texas Governor Rick Perry Indicted!!!

Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.  LOL

Rick Perry has been indicted by a Travis County Grand Jury re: abuse of power and coercion.

It's about time Perry had to answer for some of his actions.

For the past 14 years Perry has been so protected by the Texas GOP machine.  No one could or would touch him.

Reminds me of how the Feds finally caught Al Capone.  They couldn't get him for all his crimes and murders, but they were able to do an "end around" and send him to prison for not paying his taxes.

Even if Perry escapes being imprisoned, the rest of his 6-month term of governor will be defending himself on the charges.  It also gives Perry a lot of unwanted national publicity.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Social Security and Medicare Programs

Social Security and Medicare Programs
Social Security and Medicare are good, worthwhile and even noble programs that most people pay into their entire working lives to collect benefits when they become elderly or disabled.

Naturally there is abuse in each program by people who try to milk the system, but that is a relatively small percent of the population. Every system isn't perfect, but SS and Medicare are near perfect systems.

One of the main issues with SS is that our Congress continues to permit diversion of collected SS tax dollars to other interests. That needs to stop immediately.

In addition, and I'm sorry to say this but it's true, we need to start replacing some of those deficit tax dollars by slightly increasing the SS and Medicare taxes taken out of our paychecks.  Congress should be forced to return the tax dollars it stole from the SS fund.

Medicare is a perfect example of what we should have accomplished for ALL Americans. It is a system that has been active for decades and for the most part is extremely successful for most recipients.

The Federal Government must institute quicker payments to the medical and pharmaceutical providers, but otherwise the system works.

Naturally, the health care providers don't love Medicare because they can't get paid as much under Medicare as they do under private health care or even Obamacare.

However, Medicare is used mostly by the elderly and/or disabled who have paid tax dollars into the system all of their working lives.

Both SS and Medicare have been proven successful by most standards and by making a few updates and corrections to each program, there is no reason why each cannot continue to remain successful.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Illegal Immigration...

It is finally time the U.S. deals expediently and intelligently with illegal immigration and the many issues surrounding it. 

Some of the issues have become physically chaotic and financially detrimental to our way of life. The main issue with illegal immigrants is that “illegal” means illegal. It is against the law that immigrants arrive, work and live in the U.S. without first observing the laws governing immigration. Those who do not follow the laws and rules, who live and work here, are doing so illegally and it is the responsibility of our Federal Government and the various state governments to work together in resolving the various problems. American employers must stop hiring illegals because it is against the law to do so.

It is estimated that the illegal immigrant population in the U.S. totals approximately 40 million even though the government stats cite 20 million. Many illegals are hired illegally by U.S. companies and individual citizens. It is done to hire employees more cheaply or because the jobs available are not the type desired by Americans. In addition, illegals do not receive typical job and health benefits. Illegal immigrants arrive here from many different countries, including India, China, Japan, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Cuba, South and Central America, Africa, Vietnam and from many other areas of the world.
Since Mexico borders the U.S. for many miles, and because the Mexican government does not treat citizens humanely and does not provide them with jobs, most of the illegals come into the U.S. from this country. We have permitted illegals in our nation for many decades and have diverted our attention from this issue. Now, we are paying a big price.
There is a political and financial upheaval in Mexico with continuing violence near the border. The illegal drug trafficking and gang-related activity has reached an all time high. The violence has rocked many towns on both sides of the border. Some border towns, e.g., Nuevo Laredo and Juarez, have observed blatant fighting and murders between rivals gangs or cartels, which also have killed Mexican officials as well as American citizens. The once boom town of Juarez is rapidly becoming a ghost town due to the ongoing gang violence. It is estimated that 116,000 homes have been evacuated as homeowners have fled further south or into the U.S. to avoid the bloodshed. The estimate leads to the realization that almost 460,000 residents have fled the town.

Several years ago, a long-time American rancher was murdered by a Mexican [drug cartel] gang member. Many believe that Cochise County rancher Rob Krentz was shot and killed on his ranch some time Saturday, presumably by a drug smuggler. The death, which is being investigated as a homicide, occurred in the San Bernardino Valley, part of the Malpais region. The Krenz family has operated the ranch for 100 years. After this incident and years of violence and burglaries perpetrated by Mexican intruders, U.S. residents living near the Mexican border are banding together to maintain a collective presence that will turn away further intrusive behavior and activity by illegals entering the U.S. They are gathering collectively because the U.S. Government and various state governments are NOT resolving the illegal immigration issue and also are permitting the illegal drug trafficking because many “entities” are benefitting from these acts.

So far, superficial “Band-Aids” are being placed on the deep wounds of illegal immigration and drug trafficking. President Obama wants to provide amnesty to all illegal immigrants now living and working in the U.S. unconditionally. While the Mexican government wants the U.S. to care for the illegal population, Mexico has strict laws prohibiting illegal immigrants to reside and work in its country. The Mexican government enjoys the economic enhancement it receives from illegal immigrants working and living in the U.S. who send large sums of their earning back home to their families who in turn used the money to purchase goods and services in Mexico. The money sent home is Mexico’s No. 2 source of foreign income after oil exports — totaled $21.2 billion in 2009, compared with $25.1 billion in 2008. Possibly the most money sent to a foreign home outside the U.S. is from illegals originally from India.
There are some states that provide illegals with identification cards and special driver’s licenses even though they do not have a social security number.  New Mexico, Hawaii, Washington state and Maryland do not check the immigration status of drivers when they apply for a license. An additional problem from this situation is that additional illegal practices and scams have occurred.  These states have enabled criminals and illegals to develop identities and have increased fraudulent activities.  Maryland has been trying to approve a 2-license system of which one is to provide illegals with a permit to drive rather than using the license as a document for legal identification purposes.
It is time U.S. employers stop paying low wages to illegals by enforcing the immigration laws currently on the books, which includes jail time and fines to those who employ them.   Congress must stop doing what it does best, pushing away difficult problems to future generations. While the Mexican government sends its envoys to the U.S. to demand better treatment of illegal Mexicans living and working in the U.S., our nation does not object to the Mexican government’s treatment of Mexico’s population. If the Mexican government would treat its citizens humanely with respect and to provide them with jobs, these people would not be endangering their lives by high-tailing it to the U.S.  We need to make some demands on Mexican leaders and not let them tell us that we need to keep and employ their refugees who came here illegally.
The same situation occurs with other countries and the immigrants who arrive here illegally.  Illegal immigration is a difficult problem that is made worse every day that we do not deal with it. We can no longer ignore the problems inherent in permitting illegal immigrants to live and work here in the U.S. since the issues will continue to worsen politically, socially and economically.  We need to be fair, but legally and enforcement firm.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

In response to "House leaves border bill."..

What the hell....  "$%^&*&*(#$%$"

Do you really think that Congress will do ANYTHING to help Americans?

As much as Obama is a major disappointment as President, it's been decades since we had a  Congress that works for the American community.

People just need to continue to vote out the deadwood in Washington by voting for new blood in Congress.  

If we keep getting rid of incumbents who do nothing for us and are special interest directed, we may start changing that band of brigands to work for us.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Iraq and American Democracy: Leading the Charge

President Obama has not learned much in the past 7 years as America's chief.  What a huge disappointment this guy has become.

American taxpaying voters have the right to know what the real plan is in Iraq. Aside from the noble, yet questionable, attempt to provide Democracy in the Middle East, and also sweeping aside the obvious need to control the oil fields and support American businesses and contractors — what are the Obama administration’s short-term and long-term plans?

Certainly if the leader of a great nation wants the support of its people in fighting and paying for war and reconstruction, isn’t the obvious method to declare the intent, to submit a realistic budget, thereby providing rationale behind the slogans and efforts?   Obama shakes his head and laughs, “I’m NOT going to give a timeline. It just isn’t possible.”   President Obama prefers not to follow the Constitution and instead uses his Executive privilege whether he may abuse it or not.

If the real intent is to eliminate the “radical terrorists” inside the Iraq perimeter, why doesn’t the U.S. declare martial law so it can scour the cities and countryside to “search & destroy” the remaining “enemy” without more American soldiers dying from daily attacks and to divert a response killing more innocent civilians?   The use of drones may be required in the searching.

“Respect your President.”  “Honor the soldiers.”  “Don’t show cowardice to the enemy [terrorists]; it helps them.”
Enough of the outcries, slogans and propaganda.  Enough of the anger directed at each other.  Enough of the lies and “confusion” spread by America’s management.   No more vague promises, no blind faith in a positive outcome.  The time has come for the truth and a realistic game-plan.  

If the President and his followers believe him to be a real leader he owes it to all Americans to prove it, especially to those fighting and those who have died for some obscure, veiled causes.
It’s really not that difficult.   

Simply, “Mr. President, what’s the game-plan?” 

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Toll Roads Being Pushed in Texas

Toll roads are being pushed for all main roads in Central Texas.

I sent the following email/letter to Texas transportation agencies and legislators.  Those in charge want to toll all roads in Central and South Texas.  It will be a constant battle for future generations to keep the pressure on the special interests who want this.  They all know me for years and don’t really care what I have to say, but I keep saying it anyway.

If you want to contact all those in Texas who are pushing for increasing toll roads, specifically the tolling of MoPac and SH 45, you may go to the following site at Keep MoPac Local:

Name : Peter Stern
Email :
Subject : Keep Mopac Local: Oppose the $100 million SH 45 SW toll road
Message : Dear CAMPO, City, County, and State Officials:

If you think toll roads work well, all you have to do is to look at states that have had them for decades. Some of those states are New York, New Jersey, California, to name a few. Toll roads add long-term debt, more traffic, pollution and they are private roads for the wealthy who can afford them.

Please remove the proposed $100 million SH 45 SW “aquifer toll road” from the 2015 to 2018 Transportation Improvement Plan. If built, the project would make congestion on Mopac worse while polluting the Barton Springs Edwards Aquifer.

CAMPO’s own December 2013 traffic study showed that building the SH 45 SW aquifer toll road will divert traffic from Interstate 35 to Mopac, which is already overloaded. Only a relatively few Hays county commuters will benefit at the expense of current Mopac commuters, Mopac corridor neighbors, taxpayers, and Barton Springs.

The $100 million cost of SH 45 SW should be directed to projects that improve traffic flow on I-35, provide transit options to north-south commuters, and encourage development and use of the SH 130 corridor.

The proposed SH 45 SW is really just one piece of the larger project to convert Mopac to a western alternative I-35. This loop and bypass plan should be studied first, as one whole project, rather than pursued in piecemeal fashion. Mopac should continue to serve primarily as a local commuter highway, with limited access at the south end, until such time as all of the costs, benefits and environmental impacts of expanding Mo pac to a full freeway, expanding the Mopac bridge over Lady Bird Lake, and building SH 45 SW are considered together.

Thank you for your consideration. Please start working in the best interests of the ENTIRE community and not merely special interest and/or the wealthy.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Texas should be renamed Taxes!
Taxes are destroying Americans.
In Texas it’s property taxes that need to be significantly lowered. While the GOP is very fond of saying "No new taxes," the reality is that even it raises fees and penalties and pushes for toll roads. No matter what Republicans say, they ARE raising taxes by these means and by various and frequent road, schools and other bond packages that increase taxes further.  Business taxes are high and there also is a push to levy a Personal State Income Tax.  That would be another huge mistake.

So, let's call a tax a tax and let's not just blame Democrats for "tax and spend" mentalities. Both parties continue to take money from the poor and what's left of the middle class. The wealthy have deductions and the ability to pay taxes if they are levied.

The 2-party system has failed most Americans.

Our Constitution has been manipulated to enable and protect the wealthy and not all Americans.

I believe our forefathers would be shaking their heads at how the political system has challenged the survival of most Americans and would be reminded of why we held a revolution against the British in the first place... sky-high taxes!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Losing Good Teachers...

There are many reasons for public education falling into the muck created by man. Republicans are not immune in their contribution to the mess and chaos in public education.

One of the most dramatic changes in public education and in other areas of our lives, has been the disintegration of the American family. No other cause has been as great a detriment to public education except for government's interference in the quality and objectives inherent within our current system.

Republicans and Democrats get divorced and/or screw up their families. It's more human nature these days than political affiliations.

As for public education, it is government regulation (that includes financing, ability to teach teachers, objectives, politics, stupid tests, "incentive" programs, teacher salaries and class sizes) that is killing public education.