Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The National Debt soars over $18T !!!

Moving on to some worse news...

Our National Debt soared over $18 trillion and underscores the inept planning of Obama and his administration and that of previous administrations.

Are we going to manufacture more money to overcompensate the the lack of fiscal restraint?  We are acting as poorly and absurdly as did the Adolf Hitler regime under Nazi Germany prior to WWII and the incredible over-inflation that plagued that nation and its resources.

We are following negative history more closely than we imagine.

Look at the ongoing and escalating internal chaos spreading around the US.  Internal unrest, high inflation, lack of good paying jobs, high numbers of illegal immigrants, power & control issues between Federal, State and Local Governments... it doesn't look good, folks.

When is this administration going to get serious about fiscal economics?  When do both Elephants and Donkeys start working together to put our nation on the best path for healing and resolving so many urgent issues?

Congress has no credibility with the American people.  It has a 14 percent approval rating.  Do we have to smack each member of Congress over the head with a 2X4 to get their attention???

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