Sunday, December 14, 2014

"Peaceful" protests rage violently throughout our nation....

The Wilson/Brown incident in Ferguson, Missouri was NOT racist.  

Rather it was arrogance and hostility by Michael Brown that initiated all the actions.  Brown was a bully and a thug and if the black community can't come to terms with that, then it needs to do a lot of soul searching into itself.  

Blacks need to take some responsibility for the actions that cause police to act the way they do.  A belligerent, aggressive and disrespectful Brown was responsible for his own death.  Police Officer Darren Wilson had every right to do what he did based on Brown's actions.

On the other hand, the issue in Staten Island, NY re: Eric Garner and Police Officer Daniel Pantaleo was a case of inappropriate police actions and the Grand Jury should have found the officer guilty of brutality and murder.  It was a grave error that the Grand Jury found Officer Pantaleo innocent of the charges.

While many blacks are trying to compare the 2 incidents in MO and NY as being the same issue of police brutality, it is an incorrect assessment and comparison.  

Mr. Garner was innocent of any wrong-doing.  He managed to cry out that he couldn't breathe... at least 4 times.  Daniel Pantaleo and other officers on the scene did not heed his cries.  Pantaleo was in fact guilty of murder and the other police officers were guilty as accomplices.
In conclusion, the violence now being perpetrated by many blacks and whites in the guise of peaceful protesting against police brutality does not aid their cause.  

The continued violence underscores the main reason why police act the way they do in hostile environments and they are justified to use rubber bullets, tear gas, and whatever else they need to protect and serve the majority of people... blacks and whites and people of all color who are law-abiding citizens. 

President Obama and his administration seem to support the recklessness and lawlessness so that future law enforcement will be done by the military and will be of Federal jurisdiction.  We are swiftly moving towards an oligarchical military/police state.

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