Saturday, September 28, 2013

A few words on Ted Cruz...

In my opinion, Ted Cruz is the defacto hero of the Tea Party crumpets and NOT the true Republican conservatives who don’t like him, but have taken a backseat to the Tea Baggers.  Cruz does well with extremist voters, especially those in Texas and other red states who are extremist in their view of being conservative republicans.  Rand Paul is an extremist Libertarian, not a Republican.
I think the result of having Cruz and others like him trying to take over the party is that there is a huge split in the Republican Party that most likely will hurt it in 2016, unless the party as a whole can form a cohesive unit around one candidate for President who is not an extremist.

I don’t know if the party will be able to do that, but it will be interesting to watch what happens.  Currently, red states do not have the majority electoral or popular votes as may be seen from the last Presidential election results.  Lucky us!
For a guy who is a double Ivy League college graduate, Cruz seems to be a fairly erratic and stupid man.  Instead of fighting the real battles, he chooses to manipulate people into focusing on what he wants them to.  Some of his disturbed focal points are that:
  • Obama bad, Cruz good
  • Obama-care bad, but he provides no positive replacement for it
  • Cruz wants to be at the top of the party, but he is impatient and doesn’t want to play nice and take the usual steps to get there
  • Cruz is loud, antagonistic and aggressive in his style
  • Cruz is an attorney who does not want to play by the rules, only his own set of rules
  • He attracts unintelligent, self-involved and aggressive people, maybe even grandiose people like himself.
Ted Cruz is a detriment to the Republican Party and to American citizens.  I think the majority of people see that, but that doesn’t make Cruz any less dangerous to our way of life.   He will continue to be a thorn in the side of the Republican Party and in time he may burn himself out of contention.  

If extremism becomes more of the Republican Party instead of true conservatism that the party was originally built on, true conservatives may leave the party or the Tea Party may become a real separate party onto itself.

Government and People...

Friday, September 27, 2013

A quick word about the Affordable Care Act (ACA), a.k.a., Obama-care

The ACA was a rushed plan.  Many legislators could not / did not read the bill in entirety, but it was approved.  There were also some measures tacked onto the bill that had little or nothing to do with the actual bill.

There are more people unemployed, lacking health care than since the Great Depression.  There are more illegals in our nation than ever before.

People who do work can't afford health care because the costs have escalated so much re: premiums, co-pays and out of pocket expenses.  Even if you have health care you can't afford the out of pocket.

And since the health care industry will not deal with all these issues themselves, the government needed to step in.

I don't like the ACA, but I recognize the need for us to do better.  Health care is unaffordable for the majority.  That definitely says something.

It seems like the Republicans continue to bad mouth the ACA and are trying to panic the public with their "information" which is not factual and actually is mis-information.

However, if the majority of our nation does not have health care the rest of us are going to suffer for it.

Extreme Republicans need to stop being idiotic and trying to scare the people.  It's time for both parties to work together.   This hasn't been done in at least 2 decades and it's one of the reasons why Americans have fallen to new lows.

Working together used to be what we did best.   Now we just bickering and disrespect each other.   It's time to change that.

Part of me hopes that the Government does shut down this weekend.  Government may need a vacation so that the rest of us survive a little easier.

My advice to Congress:   Work together you morons!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

These days we have to ask, "What is Obama doing right?"

Bush did!

and last, one of my favorites...

Kinda makes you wonder, right?

Saturday, September 7, 2013

The French Back Away From Supporting the US in Syria

The French need to remember that the US bailed them out of 2 world wars with the Germans.

If we didn't come to their aid, they may be speaking German today in gay Paris. If we don't do something to curb the chem-warfare in Syria, maybe those same chemicals will be used one day against the French or English or Americans. We can't allow that.

"Keep your friends close and your enemies closer."
             ---  Sun-tzu Chinese general & military strategist

That said, we need to let the Middle East nations rule themselves and stay out of their internal affairs. But use of the chemical weapons must stop. We need to try diplomacy first. If that doesn't work, then it's time to use force to stop them.

 We also need to be very sure WHO is using the chemicals, that it is truly Assad doing it before we head in there with force.

Then we need to finish the job. Obama says he doesn't want to remove Assad from leadership. I don't comprehend that. If Assad is the one using chem-warfare against his own people he needs to go.

How do you feel about this issue?