Saturday, February 23, 2013

More taxes for Austin and Travis homeowers...

Yes, just what City of Austin and Travis County homeowners need... another tax increase. Tax and spend... tax and spend...

Wouldn't it be better to tar and feather Perry and his legislative henchmen and then provide schools with the state tax dollars supposed to go to financing public education????

Voters need to bang on legislative doors and make the legislature live up to its constitutional responsibility to public ed. And for God's sake, stop voting for that idiot Perry!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Public Education on its last legs in Texas...

If Gov. Perry and legislators want to kill public education in favor of private and charter schools, they should first change the Texas Constitution that requires the State to adequately finance and provide a public education for all Texas children.
Then they will need to set up a state fund to build more jails because many more Texas children will grow up without an education, won't find an honest job and will opt for a career in crime.
Perry and legislators don't seem to get [or care] where we are heading...

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

In response to Texas legislators wanting more Charter schools...

Of course they want more Charter Schools. There are several current and previous legislators who also sit/sat on the Boards of several such schools. This is a conflict of interests.
In addition, more Charter schools will enable Rick Perry and legislators to continue diverting tax dollars and their constitutional responsibility to provide adequate financing for public education. They have pushed that financial responsibility onto local governments, who in turn have overburdened homeowners via ongoing escalated property taxes.
It has to stop. Our children are the future of Texas and they are being ground to dust by the heavy boot of our state government and special interests. The future of our children and state must come first.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Perry, Hammond, et. al. shutting down public education...

Thanks for printing this article pointing out the truth. 
Rick Perry and Bill Hammond are dirt bags and thugs, simply put. They know what they are doing and it's a shame they have been getting away with it for the past decade. If you recall.... Hammond was the guy who said that to save money on public education they should increase class size. In trying to shut down public education, these guys are idiots. 
Whatever happened to tar and feathering, and running degenerates out of town??? These 2 should be first on that list!

Austin School Board wants an $890 million bond issue

Maybe we should rename our state from Texas to Taxes!
Pretty soon there won't be enough poor and middle class residents in Austin to send their kids to public school.  The ongoing yearly increases in property taxes are outrageous. 
Furthermore, Rick Perry and his band of legislative thugs continue to decrease the financing of public education and yet the Board wants to increase expenditures with an $890 million bond issue?    
Maybe we should check what is in the Austin water supply.

City of Austin against traffic from proposed MoPac toll lanes

Why would anyone be surprised that the CTRMA (Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority) will build what it wants to regardless that the City of Austin doesn't want it? After all, TxDOT, the CTRMA and other RMA's throughout Texas don't listen to the majority of Texans who DO NOT WANT TOLL ROADS.
These 2 MoPac toll lanes are totally unnecessary. They will do little to help traffic congestion.
The new toll roads are simply a means to get additional revenue for the State and also will line the pockets of CINTRA (you know who is going to get this contract), the Spanish toll road conglomerate.
Austin will feel the results of this poorly thought-out, ridiculous project. Has there been a proper study on whether the new toll roads will actually benefit the drivers in the Austin area???

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

re: pensions for Texas ex-lawmakers?

The public is not permitted to view the pension packages and amounts of ex-lawmakers . It's always “open government” on THEIR terms.
Why the heck are [part time] legislators, who meet only several weeks every 2 years, getting a retirement package at all?   That's been one of my questions for years and no one has answered.

And why let Rick Perry get a salary and his retirement package at the same time for being a part time governor?

Some things are just plain idiotic! It’s time for some big changes in our state government.