Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Immigration and Homeland Security

Americans need to get reality-based and act intelligently!
So, House Speaker Paul Ryan, President Obama, Hillary, et. al., will rush to the aid of Muslims and illegals, but not for American citizens.  If we don’t change, we are a doomed nation.
Donald Trump says to halt Muslims from entering the US and that has thrown the RINO’s and ultra Liberals into a tizzy.  Well, I will go one better...
We need to put a hold on ALL immigration until we get a grip on the 30 million immigrants here already and determine how we will protect Americans.
Obama and Hillary are willing to spend millions to push more regulation on legal gun ownership, but they concur that it is impractical and would cost too much to return 30 million illegals back to their countries of origin, even just the criminal element.  We are told that for humanitarian and politically correct reasoning, we must help all the immigrants and refugees.
Why are we housing illegals here?  Why are we keeping illegal criminals in prison instead of deporting them back where they came from?  Makes no sense to me.  Keeping them here is an extreme waste of our tax dollars.
Lastly, I’m also so tired of ultra liberals calling me a bigot or a racist for being reality-based and intelligently considering ways to make our nation safe from those who will continue to kill and damage us.  It will never stop until we change how we see the problem and then take the logical actions to resolve them. 

We need to see the enemy clearly and to eliminate those who wish to destroy us and we should stop trying to explain or understand why terrorists do what they do.  It is pointless and it doesn’t resolve the issues we face.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Meet the enemy: Islam

Americans need to wake up and see the reality that we are at war with Islam.  

Why do we still permit the enemy to enter our nation and then provide for him/her with government welfare and benefits?
The enemies are already infiltrated throughout our government at all levels, including the Presidency.

We need to put a stop to it.  We are asking our leaders to put a stop to it.

This is a wake-up call!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Another massacre in California
Certainly, let’s continue to randomly bring in an endless supply of Syrians and other Muslims and others from around the globe because we need to become the armpit of the world.

Very soon the US will become another 3rd world nation because all we seem to do is to import people of whom a majority commit felonies and massacres and we have become very politically correct despite what rationale should dictate.

We used to read about massacres in 3rd world nations.  Now we are having them here.

We have people who want to exterminate us.

We didn't react to Hitler and the Nazis until it was almost too late.  We don't seem to learn from history.  We need to insulate and defend our nation from those who want to annihilate us.

We had better learn this lesson soon.  President Obama and the Liberal pack are wearing blinders.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Jihad, Now Showing in Your Neighborhood!


Jihad, Now Showing in Your Neighborhood!
Jihadists take advantage of our long-time history of helping the weak and oppressed throughout the world.  For our own survival we must stop doing so with Middle Eastern people.

Up until the last 30 years or so we [the West] have been relatively safe, but since and before 9/11 our world and nation changed.

There is a good reason that other Arab nations refuse to take in Syrian refugees.  There are potential cells in disguise.  Political correctness has a line not to cross.  We are rapidly catching up to what Israel has had to deal with daily since that State’s inception.

Despite having an Islam loving President, We immediately need to obliterate all terrorist organizations and that includes ISIS and we need to do it swiftly and completely.

Especially ultra Liberals, Obama, Clinton and their supporters, need to open their eyes and smell the Starbuck's.  If we keep letting illegals live here and continue accepting Syrian refugees, we are doomed as a nation.  We may be doomed already.

So, no more Mr. Nice Guy...

Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Islamic Crusades

Modern Islamic Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

Those of Islam have stated that they will go forth to other nations, multiply and become leaders in politics, education and big business.

Then they will change our lives and takeover western nations.

They have been doing this already for many years and will continue to do so as long as our western politically correct ultra-liberal climate permits them to do so.

The 4 Stages of Modern Islam Conquest are:

As long as Islam exists, World Peace will never happen and the violent primitives shall inherit the Earth. 

Americans must fight this takeover with every breath of our lives!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Obama must be allergic to Israel

Israel’s worst friend...
Our President and his administration are a danger to Israel and the world.  We citizens need to hold them very accountable for their actions and inactions.  In review, Obama is the worst President we ever had and the American people should be ashamed that we, as a nation, continue to follow his incorrigible foreign policy.
Israel is our only true ally in the ME and we are failing to support it unconditionally, which we must do.  I’m not sure if the President is simply inept or consciously promoting an “Islamic superiority” throughout the world while endangering our very existence.  It is becoming more apparent that Obama is an enemy of the American people and certainly of Israel.  It’s a shame that we have another year of Obama rule.

Congress must find a way to bypass the President and provide the support Israel needs and deserves. 

Saturday, October 17, 2015

GOP in search of a Speaker...

Don't all jump up to be Speaker of the House.

The issue is not that the GOP can't decide on who to support for Speaker.  The problem is that no one seems to want the position and that opens up a whole different "can of worms."
In addition, it is both parties that have failed Americans, so don't go pointing fingers just at the GOP.
The Democrats are hell bent on pushing more Socialist agendas and it already, along with ultra political correctness, has been destroying the America we once knew and loved.  Contrary to what Bernie Sanders says, there is no such thing as Democratic Socialism.
You may either have Democracy or Socialism.  One negates the other.  Simply look at history and the real definition of Socialism to see that the US is slipping further and further into becoming just another 3rd World Nation. 

Furthermore, being ultra politically correct doesn't help our cause.  It opens us up for more internal chaos and decay.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Hillary Clinton's quest for the Holy Grail...

Guess it all doesn't matter since most of America still has bought into the Clinton Dynasty and even though she'll most likely be a terrible 1st woman President, as she was a terrible Sec. of State,  it seems that most voters will opt for her.

After 8 years of Obama and socialism, it appears that Americans think that more socialism is the next step.  It will change our nation horribly, even more than it has already... and many people don’t even know it yet.

The middle class generally is the one that hurts the worst from any leadership.

As more poor will get their minimal free health care and the wealthy can afford to get their expensive private health care, those in the middle won't be able to afford to buy it and won't be considered for free health care either.

Notice also that there is no Cost of Living Adjustment in 2016 for those on Social Security and VA Benefits in a nation where costs escalate all the time.  Ironic, isn’t it?  Along with ultra political correctness currently in fashion, our grandchildren and their children will pay a heavy price for our folly.

We are living in a mess that keeps on giving.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Dems accuse GOP of being homophobic???

In response to various articles in which Democrats point their collective fingers at the GOP for being homophobic...
Poor Agenda Pushed by Democrats
Really?  Is the main focus of Democrats going to be on gays?  Is that the most important issue in America? 

Americans need intelligent, action-oriented leaders who care about the entire American Community.

While it may be one of many issues, a maximum of 10 percent of Americans are gay, while 90 million Americans have unemployment issues and there are 30 million illegal immigrants in our nation who should not be here.

We have a health care system that is still failing most Americans and we have many urgent security issues, including at our borders.

So, I would say that the Democrats should be more focused on the top American mainstream issues instead of making their main agenda about 10 percent of the population.

Friday, October 2, 2015

the State of the World...

President Obama and his advisers are saying that Putin isn't a worry in the Middle East because he has a coalition of only 3 and we have the rest of the world.
A coalition of 3?  No problem???
Well, a coalition of 2, Nazi Germany and Italy, almost conquered the world.
We almost waited too long to defeat the Nazis.   We shouldn't forget history and we should learn from our mistakes.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

US border issue...

Protect all our borders

Our border with Canada should be protected as well as the one with Mexico.  

Many of the "Allah Akbar" crazies come through Canada hoping to wreak havoc here in the US.

We need to put a moratorium on all immigration until we deal with border security and the 30 million illegals here.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Stop the Islamic Jihad takeover of the US and western nations

Keep America American!

Stop the Progression of Islamic Jihad in the US and western nations
Halt the invasion of Islam by stopping all refugees and illegals coming into the US.  Our leaders are inept and ignorant of what they are doing.  Soon by sheer increase of population Islamic people will take over in western countries and the jihad will be successful

Current ultra liberal policies are killing our nation..

Interesting that no Arab/Islamic nations are accepting Syrian refugees.  Saudi Arabia takes in NONE of them and the insane joke is that the UN has made Saudi Arabia the leader of its Human Rights Committee.  What a laugh.  No Islamic nation gives a hoot about human rights.

Too many illegals and other immigrants come into the US not to assimilate to our culture, but to force their culture onto American citizens.  We are supposed to cater to all their wants and needs instead of them conforming to living here as so many legal immigrants have done for generations.

Our children, grandchildren and future generations will suffer due to our folly and inability to keep America American.

Wake up, citizens!  If we don't stop it now, it will be too late.

Friday, September 4, 2015

No annual Cost of Living Adjustment

Annual COLA:  Helping Americans who need it...
Just became aware that this year once again there will be no Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) for those on Social Security and SS Disability and VA Disability.
I have written the White House and to various Legislators during the past several years to develop a new formula for determining automatic COLA's because the old formula is antiquated and inaccurate.  Yet, no one deals properly with the issue.
Instead, we have increased money for Medicaid and welfare recipients and we throw billions away to Iran and other nations in the world and yet we do so little for those on Medicare and other needed programs for seniors, the disabled and people who have worked their entire lives, paid taxes and who can't work any more.
Even Medicare costs to recipients have increased and other medical cost directly attributed to the failed Obamacare program.  We continue to throw money at illegal immigrants who are helped before our own citizens.  IT IS NOT RIGHT TO DO SO!
Personally, I don't know families depending on the COLA will get by.  During the past 8 years we now have had 3 occasions where there was no COLA increase, while all other expenses have risen.
Please stop throwing tax dollars away on useless causes and use them instead to help US citizens who look to the annual COLA as a supplement to help them survive each year.
Congress must act to change what doesn't work for millions of Americans.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Battle of Donald Trump vs. Jorge Ramos

I often don’t care for Bill O’Reilly.  I find he can be incorrect in some assessments, rude and obnoxious and so I don’t frequently listen or watch him or his show.  However, the commentary regarding the Trump vs. Ramos incident at the Trump rally in Iowa is right on target. 
Donald Trump

Jorge Ramos, anchorman for Univision TV, which is the largest Hispanic station in the world, clearly was the aggressor.  Ramos didn’t wait to be called on, he stood up and began yelling his questions and comments.  This was NOT an issue of “freedom of the press” as Ramos wants us to believe.
It is no secret that Trump is suing Univision for roughly $40 million.  You can be sure that animosity came into play on both sides.

Jorge Ramos, Univision
I watched the Trump rally in Iowa and saw the entire episode with Ramos, who was, to say the least, as provocative as are the “Black Lives Matter” and Ramos had to believe that since the group has been successful with aggressively interfering with and at campaign rallies, that this brand of aggressive interfering would work for him.  Furthermore, even after Trump answered several of Ramos’ questions, the anchorman didn’t like the answers and aggressively went to other issues.  Ramos did not simply want to ask Trump questions, he went to the rally to try to embarrass Trump and to be an activist for amnesty.
Even when Trump tried to answer his questions, Ramos kept on interrupting him and making statements with more questions.
Jorge Ramos mentioned “11 million illegals” and how in the world Trump was going to return them to their countries of origin.  While he has the right to ask the question, he doesn’t have the right to argue the answer there.  It is more like 30 million illegals in this nation from Mexico and other countries in many areas of the world.

Lastly, Ramos thinks he is an anchor for Univision;  however, as Bill Riley had told him during their recent interview, Ramos is really a commentator or an activist, NOT an anchor or reporter as he calls himself.
People can believe what they want to regarding the incident between Trump and Ramos, but it is my humble opinion that Trump did nothing wrong, in fact, he continued trying to answer questions from an activist anchorman who didn’t really seem to want the answers to those questions.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Why voting for Donald Trump is not a bad idea...

In response... Why voting for Trump makes $en$e
We could throw our tax dollars to our own remaining middle class who needs it desperately instead of tossing millions to a nation of terrorists [Iran] who want to kill all of us.

Our leaders are so stupid.

I will vote for Trump just to shake up Washington and to pi$$ off Congressional members. 

Let Trump irritate them the way Congress has irritated American citizens during the past several decades.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Millionaire Democrat George Soros at the helm of the group Black Lives Matter

 Wake up, people...
Ever wonder where the money comes from to fund these ridiculous protests?  The kind that gets violent or aggressive in our society?

Millionaire Democrat George Soros funds Black Lives Matter and he also funded and still funds the Fergusson "protests" and other groups and acts of violence in the hopes of spurring on civil violence.  It is a huge con job and the media falls into the PC of all these incidents.


All is NOT as it seems.

Check it out for yourselves.

Here is the site for Black Lives Matter

How can this group function so quickly, be in all places and have a home site up and running so quickly if they didn't have a millionaire's backing.  Soros wants chaos.  It helps the Democrats' cause... to get more votes and power.

Friday, August 14, 2015

in response to too many articles on Iran and ISIS


The Idiocracy of America
We seem to always have our feet in quicksand.  We can’t move to action on almost any issue.  

Regarding ISIS, it is a well funded organization that wants to take over the world and create chaos for everyone else.  The idiot President and members of Congress need to step up and completely annihilate ISIS no matter what it takes.
Iran has threatened to kill all infidels and that includes us at the number one spot.  We should never remove economic sanctions on Iran and if necessary we should fly into Iran and destroy any and all nuclear capabilities.  Whatever happened to “No Deals with Terrorists?”
Most of the candidates still refer to 11 million illegals here, a number derived a long time ago.  They don’t really think about things and need to realize the number is closer to 30 million.

Political correctness is destroying the US.

For the most part, we are idiots, with no change in sight.


Friday, July 31, 2015

On Public Education....AGAIN!!!

Financing & Improving Public Education: Still an Issue of Legal & Moral Responsibility

By Peter Stern

    If the State does NOT want to assume its constitutional responsibility to provide and finance a quality education to every child, then legislators need to change the law.  Every 2 years lawmakers appear to look at doing just that.
Currently the State is guilty of violating its mandated responsibility to parents and their children.  Personally, I advocate a class-action lawsuit against the State by parents and educators.  Unfortunately, it seems like any effort to resolve an educational issue in this state results from the judicial and not the legislative system.
Roughly 8 years ago a court decision found the current financing system illegal.  Interestingly enough it was the court that originally determined the current financing method, which includes the “Robin Hood” clause — forcing “wealthy” districts to provide some of their tax dollars to “poor” districts.  Note that most districts these days are “poor” districts.
If legislators want to privatize education, that’s fine only if taxpayers don’t have to foot the additional bill for it.  Otherwise, legislators simply are looking to cover their own butts for not providing the appropriate and adequate financing during the past decade. Case in point: It is the legislature that has created the current emergency plight of public education by forcing the court to set up a financing system that ensures educational inequality among economic classes and is doomed to fail.
Furthermore, if privatization of public education is our next step, legislators had better put into place a regulated system of tuition and finance costs. We need only observe what has occurred under the recent deregulation of higher education tuition costs to note the critical nature of this issue.
Privatization of public education brings along a whole set of other issues and problems. Ongoing legislative inept short-term thinking is incapable of determining, implementing and maintaining an entirely new educational system.  In addition, operating two parallel educational systems under the state rubric, public and private, is doomed for failure.  If the state cannot successfully manage and monitor one system, how is it possible for it to maintain two separate education systems?
However, if the real concern is to educate every child equally (which, of course, it isn’t), then privatization is NOT the automatic educational road to recovery.  Privatizing education merely will ensure the inequality between the “haves” and the “have-nots” within our society.
What happened to improving the quality of education or providing teachers with a professional salary?
smaller class sizes = better student: teacher ratios = more successful learning environment
Eight years ago, Texas Governor Rick Perry self-appointed yet another Commission on Public Education, which he named “The Texas Tax Reform Commission”.   It was headed by Democrat John Sharp and a host of 23 of the governor’s major campaign contributors.  There were no average parents, educators, middle-class homeowners or students on the commission.  It’s hard to imagine this group of businessmen arriving at financing public education improvements that could benefit most schools and Texas families.
Privatizing education is another misguided special interest notion the governor and legislators have selected so they don’t have to assume the constitutional responsibility they have been diverting for the past decade and to ensure the highest quality education for every child.
Isn’t it clear yet to everyone that legislators and businessmen are NOT the group needed to develop a quality functional public school system with adequate financing?  During the past decade they have proven beyond a doubt that they are incapable of doing so or wanting to do it.
What we have consistently is an Endless Loop of Public Education. “Is Our Children Learning?”
In the U.S. our children remain on the back-burners for improving learning outcomes and developing successful lives. Most states remain “stuck” in their respective approaches to public education, much as the spinning wheels of a vehicle caught without any traction in 2 feet of mud after a rain storm.
Politics all too often corrupts public education.
For example, in Texas 7 years ago, Gov. Rick Perry appointed Cynthia Dunbar to head the State Board of Education (SBOE). Ms. Dunbar is not exactly known for her intelligent and open-minded approach to educating Texas children.  A significant point of her discipline is that she wanted public schools to teach the Bible and NOT to teach evolution.
Another example of politics in public education:  Five years ago, Texas State Education Commissioner Robert Scott decided that all high school students will take more electives and fewer required courses under a bill that lawmakers approved in May 2009.  Fortunately, the required courses he referred to are computer technology, health and physical education, NOT required subjects like math or science.
Students will no longer be required to take two semesters of computer technology and a semester of health education, while the physical education requirement has been reduced from three semesters to two. Instead, students will consider taking 6 credits of electives. Supposedly, the reason for this was to enable students to select topics that will aid them in develop skills for entering college. Did it work?  No one knows.
The ongoing changes in public education occur not only in Texas, but virtually in every state in the nation. What truly is amazing is that every few years schools are forced via legislative agendas to adapt to another “enlightened” approach to teaching public education.
Generally, these changes don’t amount “to a hill of beans” and it is the educational core requirements that children need to increase to better learning outcomes. Too many children still don’t learn the basics well.  Many do not read at an appropriate level, know how to spell [texting has added to that problem] or how to perform simple mathematics.  Many don’t know basic living skills either, e.g., how to keep a check book and pay bills, or how to write a simple letter or a job resume.  All too often our children do not have significant communication and people skills.
What we need to do is to teach our children the basics of how to succeed in life and in business.  Reading, writing and arithmetic still are the key to learning and unfortunately, teaching our children to enjoy learning is not a priority.  So, are we really helping our children to improve their learning outcomes?  Not really.
Here in Texas, as in other states, we continue to teach our children to pass certain exams as a guide to and validation of their success. Is it working? Hardly.  There is a lot of pressure placed on our children and teachers, without increasing their learning outcomes.
Several years ago the legislature approved incentives for teachers.  Much as in industrial labor, teachers were rewarded for piece-work quantity for every student who succeeded — success measured by passing standardized tests.  However, the program was marked for failure because our children are NOT industrial commodities and passing standardized tests are NOT a true indicator of future success in life.
Most public education programs provide scattered curriculum and inappropriate teaching methods that are boring and outdated.  Most children are not well-prepared for college, business or life; consequently, most of them fall through the cracks of the imagined success mold.
Mark Twain is credited with stating, “I never let my schooling interfere with my education.”  How many American children are able to say the same?
How long will it take for lawmakers, educators, and parents to recognize that to improve learning outcomes we must reduce class sizes, promote a love of learning, and teach children that learning is the key to being successful in education, business and life?  Otherwise, we merely are passing along our children through the public education system much as in the manufacturing sector where various products move through an assembly line. Mark Twain might have stated that “Products don’t get to think much going through the assembly line.”
So, if we want to help our children become successful in education, business and life we must provide several basics:
o  Encourage children to love learning about all topics
o  Teach more of the basics — reading, writing, mathematics
o  Develop communication, business and life training skills
o  Reduce class sizes to promote real learning and interaction
o  While it’s nice to provide more electives as options, they are not needed to improve learning skills
o  Make classes more interesting by using various methods of learning, e.g., visuals, audio, kinesthetic applications; develop business collaborative in the community
o  Eliminate state exams or don’t make them the major measure of success
o  Reduce competition among children while promoting group inclusion and real learning
o  Evaluate children in a more holistic manner that includes long-term teacher assessment, tests, various learning skills, overall learning outcomes

o  Trim the cost of providing public education so that it is more affordable to taxpayers.
In conclusion, it is unfortunate that on the learning evolutionary timeline public education has remained in the Dark Ages. It is time we reach the Age of Educational Enlightenment by promoting student interest and an ongoing love of learning, strengthening the basic core of learning (reading, writing, mathematics), reducing oversized classes and providing interesting curriculum and teaching methods that will improve overall educational skills and learning outcomes of all children.

Peter Stern, a former director of information services, university professor and public school administrator, is a disabled Vietnam veteran who lives in Driftwood., TX.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Time to heal America and to provide for American Citizens first

Both parties share the responsibility for screwing the American people regarding most of the issues, e.g., border security, 30 million illegals living in the shadows, the economy, no jobs, education, high taxes, higher debt to other nations, is there health care after Obamacare?, and many other issues...

Both parties bicker and whine at each other and blame each other for all of Society's ills.
Both parties share the responsibility for screwing the American people.
Both parties want the votes of 30 million illegals after amnesty is provided to them.

Americans need leaders who know what they are doing and what they need to do to change things for the better for the American people.
Americans first, before Illegal and Legal Immigrants!  That should be common sense.  Don’t give criminal behavior a free pass.
The parties need to work together and rebuild the America we used to know and love.'
Right now we are turning into a 3rd World Nation.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

"Adios America" a book and a reality

5.0 out of 5 stars "Adios America" helps us to understand why we are waving goodbye to it, July 7, 2015
By Peter Stern (Driftwood, TX USA)

This review is on: Adios, America (Hardcover)

The book tells it like it is from a historical, social and reality-based presentation. I agree with it 100 percent. It is exactly how I perceive illegal and legal immigration, you know, that topic that no one deals with realistically, least of all either major political party and the sanctimonious media that hypnotizes and shames Americans into believing all sorts of crap about the immigration issue and also bends the reality on too many other issues.

This is a thinking person's book on a wonderful nation that is sinking from view and the reason is a third world takeover. The Middle Class will soon be extinct as are the Woolly Mammoth and Sabre-Tooth Tiger.

If you have a chance to read the book please do and recommend it to everyone. Americans need to demand that our legislators deal with the most important issue we are facing. It is not ISIS or potentially nuclear Iran. It is preventing the US from becoming a major 3rd world nation and the first step to get our America back is to ramp up border security and once that bad boy is in place, decide what to do with the 30 million illegals living and working here instead of employing American citizens first.

I have high praises for Ann Coulter for writing this book. It’s a last resort to shake up Americans and a system of Democrats who are trying to gain millions of votes by giving up our once proud nation. Our biggest import has quickly become our worst resource... illegals who are permitted to come here and stay, living off the government gratis of US taxpayers all the while exploiting our nation and citizens.

Amnesty is the surrendering our our nation. Stop the flow of legal and illegal immigrants until we can resolve the issues with the immigrants who are already here.  FIX IT, IT'S BROKEN!!!

review by Peter Stern

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

In response to various articles on toll projects in Austin:TX

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is an agency in which decisions by the few rule the many.

The State agency let's foreign companies purchase 50-year contracts to build and maintain toll roadways and Texans now have a lost, runaway agency.

Toll roads are a last resort, not a first option.  They encourage long-term debt.  And usually property values decline in the adjacent areas.

A case in point why toll roads are not the solution to every problem:  Hwy 130 was built without study or awareness of who would use it.  The 85 mph speed  was the carrot dangling above our heads, but it didn't work.  Very few cars and trucks are using the tollway and it is hurting the state.  Taxpayers are reeling from that poor decision and are losing millions of tax dollars.
Currently, TxDOT is building 2 toll lanes on MoPac… another poor idea.  Instead of widening the entire roadway to facilitate more cars and thereby easing traffic congestion, TxDOT's 2-lane dysfunctional approach adds significant long-term costs and won’t relieve traffic.

TxDOT and toll road enthusiasts are stuck in a desert of decision-making.  They seem to see only quick dollars, but it’s merely a mirage.  We need intelligent decisions to fix traffic congestion, not toll roads!