Tuesday, July 7, 2015

"Adios America" a book and a reality

5.0 out of 5 stars "Adios America" helps us to understand why we are waving goodbye to it, July 7, 2015
By Peter Stern (Driftwood, TX USA)

This review is on: Adios, America (Hardcover)

The book tells it like it is from a historical, social and reality-based presentation. I agree with it 100 percent. It is exactly how I perceive illegal and legal immigration, you know, that topic that no one deals with realistically, least of all either major political party and the sanctimonious media that hypnotizes and shames Americans into believing all sorts of crap about the immigration issue and also bends the reality on too many other issues.

This is a thinking person's book on a wonderful nation that is sinking from view and the reason is a third world takeover. The Middle Class will soon be extinct as are the Woolly Mammoth and Sabre-Tooth Tiger.

If you have a chance to read the book please do and recommend it to everyone. Americans need to demand that our legislators deal with the most important issue we are facing. It is not ISIS or potentially nuclear Iran. It is preventing the US from becoming a major 3rd world nation and the first step to get our America back is to ramp up border security and once that bad boy is in place, decide what to do with the 30 million illegals living and working here instead of employing American citizens first.

I have high praises for Ann Coulter for writing this book. It’s a last resort to shake up Americans and a system of Democrats who are trying to gain millions of votes by giving up our once proud nation. Our biggest import has quickly become our worst resource... illegals who are permitted to come here and stay, living off the government gratis of US taxpayers all the while exploiting our nation and citizens.

Amnesty is the surrendering our our nation. Stop the flow of legal and illegal immigrants until we can resolve the issues with the immigrants who are already here.  FIX IT, IT'S BROKEN!!!

review by Peter Stern

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