Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Wanna buy some 'snake oil' from Texas Gov. Rick Perry?

Wanna buy some ‘snake oil’ from Texas Gov. Rick Perry?
Perry is still trying to get businesses and wealthy folks to move to Texas and to listen to him, everything is great in the state of Texas.  While it's fine down here, Texas is not the cure all.

Do the other states also like our 3rd highest home property taxes in the nation?  Or the 2nd highest home insurance premiums?  Or one of the lowest quality public education systems in the nation?  Or one of the highest illegal immigration population in the nation?

Contrary to 'Texas Slim' Perry's panacea, Texas is not as great as the snake oil sales pitch states.  No state is all good or all bad... is it?

Monday, May 27, 2013

Gov. Rick Perry calls for special session on redistricting...

 Perry smells like week-old roadkill calling for a special session on redistricting. 

Redistricting maps are to be drawn once every 10 years and NOT every 2 years.  They keep pushing for redistricting because they want to kill all remaining Democrats in Texas.  They won't rest until they get a population of 100 percent Republicans in office.

Meanwhile, I recall a time when his majesty Rick Perry his-self was a Democrat.  Guess he can't live with himself for that one and needs to exterminate all Democrats from office.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Drug testing the unemployed...

Drug testing for unemployment benefits?
Unemployment benefits have nothing to do taking away other people's tax dollars or with Medicaid, food stamps or welfare of any kind.  We all pay into the unemployment tax fund so that we can draw from it when we are laid off or fired without cause.  Why should there be drug testing to collect unemployment benefits.  It makes no sense.  The same is true with Medicare benefits; we pay into it all our working lives.  
So then the push for drug testing re: unemployment benefits becomes merely an issue of government power & control.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Gov. Rick Perry, Texas Legislators Drooling for Special Sessions...

Special Sessions Suck (SSS)

Why can't Texas Legislators resolve urgent issues within the regular legislative session every 2 years?   In other words, why can't the Governor and Legislators do the jobs they were voted-in to do?

Why do they drool for special sessions at a cost of $4 million per session?

Special Sessions should be renamed Special Interest Sessions because many of the topics never come up in a regular session in which many of the bills would never be approved.  The rules of engagement are different in a Special Session because a lesser majority is needed to pass various special interest bills.

One of the special interest topics is the never-ending redistricting issue.  The majority GOP legislature just wants more and more seats so that Democrats never get the opportunity to grab control of either House or Senate.  The ploy of redistricting is endless, yet the law on redistricting state that redrawing political maps should be done once every 10 years, not every 2 years.

It doesn't matter to any of them that the parties resemble one thrown by the Mad Hatter in "Alice in Wonderland."

Legislators refused to pass the bill for term limits, so intelligent Texans should enforce term limits by voting out all incumbents EVERY year.  Legislators are feeling too cozy with our tax dollars and there needs to be a shake-up.

In addition, Governor Perry needs to retire.  After all, he already is receiving his retirement pay while also getting his regular salary.  Once a con man always a con man.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Special Interest Texas Legislature in Session...

In response to HB 1123...
What a joke HB 1123 has become.  Make the bill mandatory for all tolling authorities.  Medal honored and/or 50 to 100 percent disabled veterans should not have to pay tolls anywhere in Texas.  They have earned that right.  I am embarrassed for Veterans and Texans that we have legislators who are so special interest oriented that they let it interfere with their patriotism and respect for disabled veterans.
Gov. Perry and Texas Legislators should be embarrassed and ashamed that this bill lost the mandatory clause.  Return the wording to the bill and give the respect to Veterans that they deserve.