Thursday, November 20, 2014

my response to Speaker Boehner...

Dear Speaker Boehner:
You said, “Instead of working together to fix our broken immigration system, the president says he’s acting on his own.  That’s just not how our democracy works.   The president has said before that ‘he’s not king’ and he’s ‘not an emperor,’ but he’s sure acting like one.  And he’s doing it a time when the American people want nothing more than for us to work together.”
While I agree with your statement, I also need to remind you that upon Obama's inauguration the Republicans publicly proclaimed that it would NOT approve anything Obama wanted and the GOP also promised that it would NOT cooperate nor compromise with Obama.
So, the GOP first decided to become renegades and now the President is determined to be a renegade.
Neither party has worked in the best interests of American citizens and the President acts in the same absurd way.  There is a reason that Congress has a 14 percent approval rating.
Neither party is innocent during the past 2 decades.  Neither party has offered to compromise and meet in the middle on various issues.  Consequently, both parties have failed American citizens and continue to do so.
Change your tactics and work together.  Stop blaming each other.  You are both at fault.
Peter Stern


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A few words of truth on the 2014-midterm elections

The 'sheeple' never learn that it doesn't really matter if the majority in House and Senate is Republican or Democrat.    The 2-party system has failed Americans and it will continue to do so.

The gaming of liberal vs. conservative doesn't translate into any victories for the American people.

Congress is still the "do-nothing" Congress that we all hate.

 - Peter Stern

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Illegals get American driver's licenses and the right to vote...

And then there's the situation I sent you in private [email] about the North Caroline DMV that provides illegals with driver's licenses, but then also automatically provided voter registration with these license Photo ID's as well.

A growing number of states across the country, including Maryland, Utah and New Mexico, grant licenses to all qualified drivers regardless of immigration status, and many others have considered similar proposals.
Now THAT's outrageous!!!  

Illegals in our nation who "legally" drive and vote?  It's against the law!

If I was in NC or in one of the other states, I would file a lawsuit against the State and the DMV for doing this.  In fact, I believe the DOJ is filing or has filed a lawsuit against North Carolina.

Meanwhile, what happened to the rights of American citizens???