Monday, October 29, 2012

Still Building Unnecessary Toll Roads

Texas Pushing Through Special Interest 130 and MoPac Toll Roads and More
Toll roads in general are simply ridiculous. They create long term debt and 80 percent off the top of toll collections go to the company that builds and operates the road. They usually create other unforeseen issues, e.g., on 130 motorists are hitting feral hogs at 85 mph.

The 130 toll way is almost as absurd as the proposed MoPac (LOOP 1) "managed care lanes" that are being pushed upon motorists. The problems inherent on MoPac are not being resolved. Instead, TxDOT and toll authorities continue to push for toll roads to make revenue instead of figuring out what will really move traffic along congested areas.

Private road companies like CINTRA will pay states $1 or $2 million or even more up front to ensure that it is considered to build and operate future toll roads. Then, where does that money go to? We don't see a paper trail. Where do TxDOT and legislators put those big dollars? TxDOT "found" $130 MILLION to put into the MoPac managed care lanes while still crying that it has no money to repair roadways, build new ones or build an overpass, say for MoPac and Slaughter Lane or to resolve the decade-long congestion crisis at the Oak Hill ‘Y’ intersection and many other road area issues throughout Texas.

Texans are being scammed all the time and they should be plenty angry at officials. Tweaking lights at intersections at different times of the day would help the flow of traffic, but TxDOT and/or the Department of Safety don't do that. Capital of Texas Highway (360) needs authorities to close the side roads at various lengths of the highway to permit the reasonable flow of traffic; however, they won’t. Instead, they opt to make drivers more angry and frustrated so that they will go along with endless toll road projects Governor Perry and his special interests want.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Projected Electoral College Votes in the 2012 Presidential Election

I developed this map of electoral college votes using an online source that is merely my own opinion on which states will vote GOP or Democrat this November 2012. I could be off a little, but I think this is pretty close as to how the states will vote. While I dislike both parties, I know it would be much worse under the GOP rule than the Democrats on many issues. I already voted and, after very careful consideration of all options, I did vote for Obama.
Most of the ruling GOP are pro-Tea Party crumpets and are as far right extremists as you can get. Too many liberals/Democrats are far left extremists and there are very few grounded and/or moderates or centrists left in either party with significant power and clout.
I know many may not share my views or give a damn about who wins since whoever does may not be able to provide some relief and jobs for most Americans, but I still am sharing. If you don’t want to read it or if you believe differently, just trash it. I don’t want to debate or argue about it. It will be interesting to see what happens and how close my projection will prove reality-based.

Electoral Votes
Obama 322              Romney 216