Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Political Nature of Proposition 1

Proposition 1 basically is to increase home property taxes to build and maintain a medical school under the auspices of the University of Texas (UT).
The real losers regarding Prop. 1 are the remnants of the middle class who not only are forced to pay higher property taxes, but also have to pay top dollar for their own health care needs (most can't afford health care and are NOT included in the benefits of Prop. 1), while the only ones to benefit directly from this maneuver are the health industry, UT (which continues to raise tuition costs), the wealthy who already have the best coverage available and those of the population who are designated ultra poor and/or or those who are here illegally.

If ever there was a Proposition politically hell bent FOR special interests, and most propositions are, it is this one. 
BTW, has anyone studied how this will affect the increasing population who are or will be on Medicare? Already, many doctors do not want to service this population, especially when those needing services are new patients.
However, I'm sure that Prop. 1 will be approved by voters since 80 percent of all propositions are passed by voters who think they know what is being presented in each, but in actuality are ignorant politically and do not read passed the pretty words developed for each proposition no matter how political or idiotic the proposition is.

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