Sunday, October 28, 2012

Projected Electoral College Votes in the 2012 Presidential Election

I developed this map of electoral college votes using an online source that is merely my own opinion on which states will vote GOP or Democrat this November 2012. I could be off a little, but I think this is pretty close as to how the states will vote. While I dislike both parties, I know it would be much worse under the GOP rule than the Democrats on many issues. I already voted and, after very careful consideration of all options, I did vote for Obama.
Most of the ruling GOP are pro-Tea Party crumpets and are as far right extremists as you can get. Too many liberals/Democrats are far left extremists and there are very few grounded and/or moderates or centrists left in either party with significant power and clout.
I know many may not share my views or give a damn about who wins since whoever does may not be able to provide some relief and jobs for most Americans, but I still am sharing. If you don’t want to read it or if you believe differently, just trash it. I don’t want to debate or argue about it. It will be interesting to see what happens and how close my projection will prove reality-based.

Electoral Votes
Obama 322              Romney 216

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