Wednesday, October 10, 2012

In response to Republicans wanting Voter Photo ID's...

If the GOP in Texas and other states want Voter Photo ID's so badly, then why doesn't the party push for State Photo ID's instead of making it an issue of curbing voter fraud?
Certainly, states should have the right to request that every legal citizen has a Photo ID for identification purposes. The state also has the right to request some sort of Photo ID for non-citizens visiting or working here legally via passports and/or other legal visiting documents with a photo.
However, to tie the reason for requiring Photo ID's to curbing voter fraud is in itself a fraudulent action and also a lie. The percentage of actual voter fraud due to individuals falsely voting is almost nil. Most cases of voter fraud occur with voting machine integrity issues and with those people in charge of managing the voting system and processing votes who initiate an illegal action, especially re: mail-in voting.
In Texas, Rick Perry and his special interest cohorts are out to make trouble for the poor and the remnants of the middle class, which is almost as extinct as the Wooly Mammoth and Sabertooth Tiger.
So, if the GOP wants to require Photo ID's it should do so in an intelligent and reality-based manner and not make it an issue of voter fraud.

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