Thursday, September 27, 2012

The many faces of Texas politics

In response to Attorney General Greg Abbott's recent email to constituents that he is fighting for open records...
We all know that AG Abbott has his sights set on running for Governor in 2014. His push for open records is somewhat amusing when we consider that last year Abbott tried to protect Governor Rick Perry from public scrutiny of his tax and spend records. When Perry decided to run for as a GOP Presidential candidate, that fight was mute because Federal Regulations required Perry to make that information public.
In addition, several years ago the Governor's Office tried to hide contract negotiations from the public with private toll road companies, e.g., Spanish concern CINTRA, which gave the state a reported $1 million perk for consideration as the toll road developer. Abbott then also tried to protect the state from opening those records. 
So, let the voters beware of where Abbott's true allegiances lie... to his special interests and not always to the Texans he is supposed to serve. Texans have had a Governor with a similar agenda for the past 10 years. Texans deserve better.

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