Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Governor Perry gets taxpayers to finance Italian vacation

Taxpayers are supposed to believe that Rick and Anita Perry are in Italy for one week only to promote the F1 race. Yes, we all know what a boon to the economy Formula 1 racetrack will be for Texas and wealthy entrepreneurs.
However, what a con job Perry is performing in front of hardworking and hardly-working Texans to milk more money from taxpayers so Perry and the missus get a free week-long Italian vacation.
Isn't it difficult enough to fathom that Texas governor Rick Perry is the highest paid PART TIME governor in the nation? Haven't taxpayers been ravaged enough by their frivolous and uncaring governor? 
When will Texans become fed up with the Governor’s ongoing costly shenanigans, see wealthy special interest driven Perry for what he is and then come out in droves to vote in a better candidate for governor?

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