Thursday, September 13, 2012

Higher taxes for medical school services?

In response to the 9/12 article in the Austin Statesman, "400 doctors say they support a tax increase for medical school services in Austin"

Great! I say, "then let the doctors pay a tax increase."
While no doubt a medical school in Austin would be a wonderful idea, Texans have been taxed enough.

The number of Texans at or near the poverty level has increased dramatically. The cost of living increases weekly. There is no end in sight for Texans facing rough economic times. More people than ever before can't find jobs and are applying for government assistance.

How can counties like Travis continue to raise taxes on what is left of the middle class?

Maybe the county should use some of the "surplus" from State sales taxes to help pay for the medical school services.

Taxpayers need a break from being overtaxed. After all, wasn't “No taxation without [true] representation” a major reason why our forefathers chose to annex from England and King George and why we fought the Revolutionary War?

Maybe it's time for us to practice more of Thoreau's Civil Disobedience against a misguided and overbearing government...

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