Friday, October 26, 2012

Proposition 1 in Travis County: Build a Medical School via Bonds and even more Property Taxes

There is one word for the proposition being pushed by Governor Rick Perry, the Health Care industry and special interests including the majority of Texas Legislators... “BOONDOGGLE!”
Proposition 1 is touted as being the only way a Medical School can be built and operated in Travis County, namely, to tax property owners until they bleed financially, but they still would not be able to get affordable health care for treatment of their financial wounds. 
We are told that part of the medical school agenda is to treat indigent people, which therefore makes it a very “Christian” undertaking. So, how could ANYONE be against such a “worthwhile” endeavor?
Easy. It’s just another carefully thought out scam perpetrated by Gov. Rick Perry and his wealthy and creative thinking special interest pundits. These people are slick when it comes to making profits on the backs of hardworking and hardly working Texans. The University of Texas (UT) would stand to house and manage the school. Thanks, Gov. Perry.
Unfortunately, history shows us that 80 percent of Propositions get approved by voters. Yet, it would be idiotic and self-destructive for voters to commit financial suicide by passing this slick, unfair, arrogant and obnoxious proposition. If a Medical School is desired, then let UT, the Health Care and Private industries finance the majority of the task, since they are the ones who will most profit from it.
VOTE AGAINST PROPOSITION 1! It does nothing for the remnants of the Middle Class.

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