Sunday, November 2, 2014

Illegals get American driver's licenses and the right to vote...

And then there's the situation I sent you in private [email] about the North Caroline DMV that provides illegals with driver's licenses, but then also automatically provided voter registration with these license Photo ID's as well.

A growing number of states across the country, including Maryland, Utah and New Mexico, grant licenses to all qualified drivers regardless of immigration status, and many others have considered similar proposals.
Now THAT's outrageous!!!  

Illegals in our nation who "legally" drive and vote?  It's against the law!

If I was in NC or in one of the other states, I would file a lawsuit against the State and the DMV for doing this.  In fact, I believe the DOJ is filing or has filed a lawsuit against North Carolina.

Meanwhile, what happened to the rights of American citizens???

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