Saturday, October 17, 2015

GOP in search of a Speaker...

Don't all jump up to be Speaker of the House.

The issue is not that the GOP can't decide on who to support for Speaker.  The problem is that no one seems to want the position and that opens up a whole different "can of worms."
In addition, it is both parties that have failed Americans, so don't go pointing fingers just at the GOP.
The Democrats are hell bent on pushing more Socialist agendas and it already, along with ultra political correctness, has been destroying the America we once knew and loved.  Contrary to what Bernie Sanders says, there is no such thing as Democratic Socialism.
You may either have Democracy or Socialism.  One negates the other.  Simply look at history and the real definition of Socialism to see that the US is slipping further and further into becoming just another 3rd World Nation. 

Furthermore, being ultra politically correct doesn't help our cause.  It opens us up for more internal chaos and decay.

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