Thursday, October 15, 2015

Hillary Clinton's quest for the Holy Grail...

Guess it all doesn't matter since most of America still has bought into the Clinton Dynasty and even though she'll most likely be a terrible 1st woman President, as she was a terrible Sec. of State,  it seems that most voters will opt for her.

After 8 years of Obama and socialism, it appears that Americans think that more socialism is the next step.  It will change our nation horribly, even more than it has already... and many people don’t even know it yet.

The middle class generally is the one that hurts the worst from any leadership.

As more poor will get their minimal free health care and the wealthy can afford to get their expensive private health care, those in the middle won't be able to afford to buy it and won't be considered for free health care either.

Notice also that there is no Cost of Living Adjustment in 2016 for those on Social Security and VA Benefits in a nation where costs escalate all the time.  Ironic, isn’t it?  Along with ultra political correctness currently in fashion, our grandchildren and their children will pay a heavy price for our folly.

We are living in a mess that keeps on giving.

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