Friday, November 20, 2015

Jihad, Now Showing in Your Neighborhood!


Jihad, Now Showing in Your Neighborhood!
Jihadists take advantage of our long-time history of helping the weak and oppressed throughout the world.  For our own survival we must stop doing so with Middle Eastern people.

Up until the last 30 years or so we [the West] have been relatively safe, but since and before 9/11 our world and nation changed.

There is a good reason that other Arab nations refuse to take in Syrian refugees.  There are potential cells in disguise.  Political correctness has a line not to cross.  We are rapidly catching up to what Israel has had to deal with daily since that State’s inception.

Despite having an Islam loving President, We immediately need to obliterate all terrorist organizations and that includes ISIS and we need to do it swiftly and completely.

Especially ultra Liberals, Obama, Clinton and their supporters, need to open their eyes and smell the Starbuck's.  If we keep letting illegals live here and continue accepting Syrian refugees, we are doomed as a nation.  We may be doomed already.

So, no more Mr. Nice Guy...

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