Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Immigration and Homeland Security

Americans need to get reality-based and act intelligently!
So, House Speaker Paul Ryan, President Obama, Hillary, et. al., will rush to the aid of Muslims and illegals, but not for American citizens.  If we don’t change, we are a doomed nation.
Donald Trump says to halt Muslims from entering the US and that has thrown the RINO’s and ultra Liberals into a tizzy.  Well, I will go one better...
We need to put a hold on ALL immigration until we get a grip on the 30 million immigrants here already and determine how we will protect Americans.
Obama and Hillary are willing to spend millions to push more regulation on legal gun ownership, but they concur that it is impractical and would cost too much to return 30 million illegals back to their countries of origin, even just the criminal element.  We are told that for humanitarian and politically correct reasoning, we must help all the immigrants and refugees.
Why are we housing illegals here?  Why are we keeping illegal criminals in prison instead of deporting them back where they came from?  Makes no sense to me.  Keeping them here is an extreme waste of our tax dollars.
Lastly, I’m also so tired of ultra liberals calling me a bigot or a racist for being reality-based and intelligently considering ways to make our nation safe from those who will continue to kill and damage us.  It will never stop until we change how we see the problem and then take the logical actions to resolve them. 

We need to see the enemy clearly and to eliminate those who wish to destroy us and we should stop trying to explain or understand why terrorists do what they do.  It is pointless and it doesn’t resolve the issues we face.

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