Monday, February 11, 2013

City of Austin against traffic from proposed MoPac toll lanes

Why would anyone be surprised that the CTRMA (Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority) will build what it wants to regardless that the City of Austin doesn't want it? After all, TxDOT, the CTRMA and other RMA's throughout Texas don't listen to the majority of Texans who DO NOT WANT TOLL ROADS.
These 2 MoPac toll lanes are totally unnecessary. They will do little to help traffic congestion.
The new toll roads are simply a means to get additional revenue for the State and also will line the pockets of CINTRA (you know who is going to get this contract), the Spanish toll road conglomerate.
Austin will feel the results of this poorly thought-out, ridiculous project. Has there been a proper study on whether the new toll roads will actually benefit the drivers in the Austin area???

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