Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Why the Affordable Care Act (ACA), a.k.a., Obamacare bites the big one!

The ACA was rammed through Congress like poop through a duck!

Many people think they like it.  Many are liberals who think it's the greatest deal in the world for poor people, so they can afford to buy health care.

I'm here to tell you that the Affordable Care Act STINKS!!!

We were told the premiums would be significantly lower and they are NOT.
We were NOT told that out-of-pocket expenses would increase dramatically.
We were NOT told that yearly deductibles would escalate absurdly from where they were around $250 per year way up to a high of $15,000 per year, depending on what sort of coverage you want and what premium you want.
We were NOT told about all the hidden costs we would have to pay for services and that we wouldn't know about them until we are billed by doctors, hospitals, et. al.
The AFA is a terrible concept and it is failing Americans on most levels.
If you want to pay a small premium for poor coverage, it is possible to get a slight deal.
We were told that insurance companies must cover preexisting conditions; however, many people are finding that their preexisting conditions are either NOT covered or they must PAY MUCH MORE to have it covered.

Furthermore, health care providers are playing end-around games with patients and charging more for their goods and services, plus, the costs are rising every 6 months!
If Obama and Congress wanted to provide everyone with cheaper insurance they should have extended Medicare for all Americans.
People could have been charged the same amounts Medicare recipients are paying for the same Medicare benefits and affordable deductibles.
It's all a fight to pull-in the mighty dollar!
But, the health providers would throw a major fit.  They couldn't charge high premiums and deductibles; they couldn't charge elevated costs for medications; they would have to take in less profit under a Medicare for All program.
Medicare works well for most people on it; it is a proven system and they had it right in front of Obama's nose!!!
Health care was much better BEFORE Obama sold our nation a bill of goods.  It was cheaper and more affordable.

Both President Obama and his Obamacare have been a HUGE disappointment.  Interestingly, many people still don’t know it, but in time they will.

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