Monday, April 9, 2012

And now for something a little different...

A fishing tall tale?
The most frightening fish may be the smallest

This is true.

Found in the Amazon, the Candiru Asu catfish is a small catfish [the size of a large minnow] with a round mouth that DRILLS into a person, creature or fish, is a meat eater and then eats the body from the inside where only the skin and bones remain. They will bite circular "bullet" holes into a body, legs, arms, feet, whatever and will enter and begin to eat. Nice image!

The interesting and perhaps most chilling thing about the Candiru Asu catfish is that it can strike in a school of 100 and will be a horrific death for a human or fish or other creature.
The Candiru Asu is related to the Candiru catfish. The Candiru is a blood sucking parasite that can enter your body via any orifice or even swim up a man’s penis when he is urinating into a river.
candiru catfish

Candiru catfish

candiru catfish
Candiru Asu catfish

There is a video by Jeremy Wade of River Monsters that shows what both the above catfish can do. It is not to be viewed lightly and caution is urged.
Many believed the stories about these 2 Amazon catfish were nothing more than myth; however, most of the stories are true, as may be seen from the video.

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