Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Great State-of-the-Union Address by Obama --- in an Election Year


11:02 on 25 January 2012

We all know that Obama is a great orator, one of the best. The speech he presented had some great moments; however, I recall many of the same issues and promises back 3 years ago when he was sworn in as our President. 

I also recall that as soon as Obama became President the Republicans were determined NOT to work with the President or the Democratic majority in the House and Senate, in the hope to regroup and place a wedge into our Congress, thus preventing most of Obama's promises to come to fruition and putting the GOP in a better position to win the 2012 Presidential Election. In other words, it's a big political game and neither party wants to work in the best interests of the American community..

When the GOP regained and improved the number of seats in Congress and became the majority party in the House, the new Speaker John Boehner continued to stagnate and stymie the House from working in a bipartisan effort, a.k.a., working TOGETHER in the best interests of the American community.

It already appears obvious that the GOP and Democratic parties will NOT work together as Obama requested in his oration. The GOP made gains in the last election, became the House majority party and it still looks to gain the majority in the Senate in the November elections. However; based on the poor performance of Congress, I believe the party will NOT gain more seats and in fact may lose seats in the House and Senate.

The reason for my opinion is that the American people should clearly see that President Obama is not so much the problem for getting resolutions for our urgent issues, as it is the fault of our Congress, both House and Senate. Political game-playing is continuing to hurt our nation from improving on many levels.

For that reason alone, voters should get rid of most lackluster incumbents and try to draw-in new legislators, those who have not yet been bought by wealthy corporations, individuals and their paid lobbyists --- many of the lobbyists are previous legislators, which should signal a conflict of interests, yet there is no law prohibiting members of Congress to leave and take jobs as lobbyists for the very entities who provided their political careers with huge campaign contributions, perks and gifts. A concern is that 40 percent of congressional members are millionaires; others will become millionaires while they are lawmakers.

There is something very wrong with the way our Congress opts to work and the American people must demand a stop to it. The best way to do that is to get rid of the human stagnancy and corruptive influences in Washington. Otherwise, we will see another term like the previous one no matter who is President. That is NOT the American way.

Since it is apparent that Congress will not heal itself, once again it is up to the American people to reign-in lackluster and runaway lawmakers. The first chance we get is in November.

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