Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Perry says 'Americans should become unhinged...' regarding the XL Pipeline decision...


15:15 on 18 January 2012

Just because Rick Perry is "unhinged" does NOT mean that Americans should be too! 

Seriously, Perry was speaking about the Obama decision to refuse the XL Pipeline project. The neo-GOP [Speaker Boehner and company] are up in arms and are whining about the poor decision made by the White House.

Perry's exact words were:
"Getting this country independent of foreign sources of crude from countries that are not our friends is really problematic. So this Canadian oil, there's a possibility we could lose it to China with that decision so I hope Americans will really become unhinged with that decision because it is a really bad decision for our country, for energy independence and sends a horrible message at a time that were headed to $4 and $5 oil or excuse me $4 or $5 gasoline, to have a neighbor who's willing to sell us crude that is available."
We all know that Perry and the neo-GOP want the XL Pipeline badly. Since they want it THAT badly, I don't want it. Anything these guys want immediately usually means that it is NOT a good thing for the American people.
I wonder how many people consider that in the U.S. we have hundreds of pipelines going all over the place. You mean to say that we need another pipeline so badly that it is of a critical nature? Don't we sit on enough oil? Don't we have enough oil deposits off our shores?
I'm sorry folks, but I get the feeling that the neo-cons are "foaming at the mouth" over the XL Pipeline because the GOP-friendly gas and oil corporations and wealthy individual investors are going to make a fortune on this venture, perhaps by selling the oil to overseas nations e.g., China, India, etc. You know, sort of like the way T.B. Pickens is selling the water he is sitting on at the Texas Panhandle, as he pipelines the water to various cities and also to tankers bound overseas to nations we owe.
That is more of a concern to me than the one regarding any environmental issues that may occur with the XL Pipeline. I would like to see in documentation what exactly the XL Pipeline would do to improve American lives. I'm not willing to believe anything Boehner or Perry say about the positive events of the pipeline. They are like auto salesmen who will say anything to sell you a car or truck and will lie nonstop to do so.
As for American jobs being created by the pipeline, I believe more jobs would be created if our government and the corporate sector develop a plan together that would provide Americans jobs to rebuild our inadequate and crumbling infrastructures. That should be the number initial focus of creating jobs. It should have been done 1 week after Obama became President.
Unfortunately, the neo-GOP will be squeaking and squawking about the refusal of the pipeline and you can be sure that they will harbor bad feelings on the House and Senate floors. Instead of working in a bipartisan manner to resolve our urgent issues, it will drive legislatures and the 2 parties further apart.
Americans need to get out to the polls this year and vote for new blood in Washington and we need to get rid of most of the lackluster incumbents that continue to infect and stagnate our leadership from doing the job they were hired to do: TO WORK FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND RESOLVE OUR URGENT ISSUES!!!

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