Friday, January 20, 2012

Perry-appointed Workforce Commission Chairman Tom Pauken Still Trying to Con Texans
by Peter Stern

15:36 on 20 January 2012

The Texas Tribune printed a small brief on the Workforce statistics on lower unemployment, trying to portray the lie that the Texas economy is improving. Not only does Rick Perry lie through his teeth, but obviously so do his appointees in prime positions in state agencies.

In truth, claims for unemployment are low because so many Texans have been out of work for years and are NOT counted in the state statistics.

People need to open their eyes and not buy into all the nonsense Pauken and the Workforce tell us. After all, Pauken is yet another Perry-appointed con-man puppet, who would never speak the truth about what is really going on.

Getting rid of Perry in 2015 could also get rid of hundreds of appointees who kiss Perry's butt to keep their cushy jobs.

Even though Perry lost his bid for the GOP Presidential candidate, Texans still need to deal with his regime here, which will last for at least another 3 years, plenty of time to screw Texans into the ground economically, politically and socially.

Furthermore, the jobs that are being created are low-level, low pay, part-time, seasonal and/or lower end state government positions. The numbers in groupings are being used to flim-flam the public as they have done for years. It shrouds the real truth that we are hurting economically in Texas, just like at the national level. Texas is lucky to have a large oil industry to fall back on, which helps keep the state from falling flat on its face.

Perry still has many staunch supporters who are welcoming him back to Texas. He remains the most powerful political figure in the state, who will continue to rule for 3 more years. If Perry decides to run for another term as governor, he will be difficult to get rid of.

According Pauken and the Texas Workforce Commission:
Texas’ unemployment rate — 7.8 percent — is the lowest it’s been since July 2009, when the recession was just heating up, according to employment statistics released by the Texas Workforce Commission today.
“Texas continues to see signs of improvement in the labor market,” said Tom Pauken, chairman of the Texas Workforce Commission in a press release.

Nationally, claims for unemployment benefits are low and the country is gaining jobs. The state unemployment rate is still below the national unemployment rate, currently at 8.5 percent. Although growth will be slow, economists speculate job gains will continue across the country

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