Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Perry's Support is Disintegrating Quickly


09:16 on 18 January 2012
Perry's Fate is Sealed!

 Rightly so, Perry's support base is diving faster than the stock market did last year. 

Various religious groups, e.g., the Response, (remember?) that previously supported Perry last year with the Prayer vigil in Houston's Reliant Stadium that saw an audience of 30,000 religious supporters for Perry, no longer believes that Perry is the answer to that prayer.

Perry's support here in Texas also has decreased. Reality has finally slapped Perry across the face into the realization that he is not the man he once thought himself to be.  It will be interesting to see how the lackluster support will play out for the remainder of Perry's term.  We still have to grin and bear Perry until 2015, unless he voluntarily steps down into retirement.

Perhaps we finally have seen the last of Rick Perry as Governor [he most likely will not seek reelection], but the bad news is that there is no shortage of questionable replacements. Already, Attorney General Greg Abbott is "foaming at the mouth" as he eyes the position. Abbott already has a political war-chest that totals $12 million, since he seldom had an opponent during the past decade of his reign as AG and did not have to spend much on running for office.

At the least, it will be a very interesting decade for Texas politics and it doesn't look like the cavalry is coming an time soon to rescue Texans from their dismal economic plight. The urgent issues may remain for a long time.

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