Monday, January 16, 2012

Perry lies again to *Moms Matter* in Myrtle Beach, SC


11:07 on 16 January 2012

Rick Perry needs to get his mouth washed-out with soap for all the lies he tells. It seems as though he is trying to make the Guinness Book of Records for lies by a politician.

The latest lie this morning occurred when he met with a non-partisan organization called Moms Matter, which hopes to inform Moms about the 2012 Presidential Election. During his interview with his wife present, Perry blatantly lied that he has "...always stood for conservative values..."

Those are untrue and ridiculous words as we view the beginnings of Rick Perry's political career when for the first 6 years he was a Democrat, becoming a State House Representative in 1984 for a small area of West Texas.

While Perry was not a full blown liberal, to say he was always a conservative when he was a Democrat is a far cry from what he actually was, at least politically..

When we view Perry on TV these days he looks defeated and drained, like the loser he is. The former bold, manic swagger is gone, but the lies remain. 

After his inevitable loss this Saturday in South Carolina's Primary, Perry most likely will stagger back to Texas where he still has 3 years remaining as Governor. 

Furthermore, with his new status as a government retiree yet still maintaining his gubernatorial position, Perry's salary is costing Texas taxpayers a whopping $240,000 per year. 

Add to that his $400,000 per month security and his $10,000 per month mansion rental and you have to wonder about the man's claims about massive government expenditures. So much for his being a fiscal conservative.

Meanwhile, Perry's fan club has greatly diminished in membership. You have to wonder when the remaining holdouts of Texas voters will want an end to Perry's reign.

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