Tuesday, January 17, 2012

If Americans are so damn unhappy with their Congress, then why aren’t they doing anything about it?
It’s easier to complain than to get out there and vote
by Peter Stern
Currently, it is documented that a mere 5 percent of Americans think Congress is doing a good job, which also means that almost 95 percent of them think Congress is doing a crummy job.   So, why let our legislative leaders get away with it?   Why aren’t more Americans getting to the polls and voting-out lackluster incumbents by voting-in “new blood” and replacing them?

We have clowns playing games in Congress because we vote for them again and again. What have they done for us lately?
It is an enigma that has continued for at least the past decade. Speaker of the House John Boehner, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and others like them should be dethroned for their aggressive stagnation of Congressional action.  
Every thing and every issue is contested by the excessive right and left. Arguments abound and resolutions are almost non-existent. It is a bi-partisan problem. Disruption and the do-nothing mentality is the only thing our Congress agrees on.
When does Congress place the American community ahead of their precious wealthy special interests, political power-plays and egotistical feather-rustling?  Almost never!
Americans need to quit complaining and sitting passively by as our Congress destroys the remainder of our once great nation.  There are too many hurdles in our government to fix even the slightest issue.
We need jobs and affordable, quality health care.  We need to revamp public education and our crumbling infrastructures.  We must intelligently and quickly resolve our illegal immigrant policy and to reconsider how we act on foreign affairs. Congress does nothing because we let it continue to do nothing.
If 95 percent of the employees in a corporation were performing poorly, would the company keep them on?  Of course not!  They would be documented, afforded the time to improve and then if there was no improvement, they would be fired.
So, why aren’t Americans doing the same thing with Congress?  It is mind-boggling!
Furthermore, we need to stop creating wars without justifying them and without getting Congressional approval to declare war.   We are involved in mini wars all over the globe and it costs us millions in tax dollars.  We have to cease circumventing our Constitution any old time we want to in the name of profiteering and world vigilantism. We have forgotten how to work and play well with others.
But most of all, we have forgotten that there should be consequences for actions.  The U.S. Congress has NOT been held accountable for its actions in many, many years . It is time they are held responsible and it is the forgotten job of the American people to do so.    How we hold members accountable is to NOT vote for them and to adhere to the basic principles of our Constitution.   As a last resort, we also have the right and responsibility to remove leaders from office, even in mid-term when it is needed.

It may take years and years to keep on voting out these types, but eventually, we may get some good people in office who will not be bought up by the wealthy elite and who will be able to relate better to the needs of the majority.
Lastly, we need to demand our representatives to change the campaign financing laws that pay members even more income when they do whatever their wealthy constituents and their lobbies want and need. It’s time the American people restructure their Congress and to remind members that they work for the American people.

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