Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Rick Perry Reality Show

Trying to Point Fingers for the Campaign Loss

by Peter Stern

Some political writers e.g., like Jason Embry of the Austin American-Statesman, discuss that Perry failed in his bid for GOP Presidential candidate because of "internal turmoil" in his campaign management.  While there may be some truth in that belief, it is the man himself who caused the failure of his campaign.
With all due respect, the “internal turmoil” did little to actually defeat Rick Perry, unless, of course, you are speaking about the man’s internal grandiosity and his inability to relate with the common American.
The basic reason why Perry has been successful during the past 10 years of gubernatorial elections is that the people running against Perry were an even worse choice for governor than he was.   The devil they know is better than the devil the public does not know.
The real reason he lost face on the national level is because he has very few modes of capability as a leader and communicator.   The level of Perry’s grandiosity works in Texans because he has surrounded himself with protective devices. His many appointees are severely loyal to Perry because he gave them cushy jobs and at any second he can remove them from those jobs. The Texas media and legislature are afraid of Perry. 

During the years legislative members have done pretty much whatever Perry and his wealthy special interests wanted, e.g., pushing toll roads, deregulation of higher education tuition and of other industries, e.g., electricity, health care, protecting doctors, etc. Most of these actions have made it harder financially for most Texans.
Lastly, Perry is full of hot air and he lies more than he tells the truth. Furthermore, like many politicians, Perry believes the lies. It’s what psychologists call, “a sociopath” and Perry clearly fits the definition. However, Perry is still a force to be reckoned with in Texas even though most Texans disapprove of his gubernatorial history.
Perry has learned little from his experiences because he does not want to and because he is NOT a bright man. He doesn’t really “get it” and at this point in his life, he isn’t able to improve on himself. He is what he is... a puppet for the wealthy corporations, individuals and lobbyists, yet quite frankly, even they would no longer support Perry if they had not already invest millions into the Perry regime for the past 10 years.
However, it would be a huge mistake to believe that Perry is now weak in Texas.  That is not the case.  The Governor is still protected by the many state leaders he has appointed and Texas legislators know better than to try to tickle the sleeping bear.
Perry still has 3 years left in his term and most likely he will manage state affairs with bulldog tenacity, the same way he has done during his 10-year reign.  Either Perry will step down at the end of his term or Texans could get a bit smarter and voter for a different candidate.  We will just have to wait and see what happens.  Meanwhile, the majority of Texans will continue to have 3 lean financial years with Perry at the helm.

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