Sunday, January 8, 2012

Great to see President Obama Finally Whack Congress With His Appointments


10:31 on 8 January 2012

The GOP Congress is at home for the holidays whining into their collective beers.  Why?  President Obama finally whacked them all with a 2X4 by making his appointments during the congressional recess.  The GOP will be howling at the moon for a long time to come.

But you know what?  They all deserve it and I applaud Obama for doing what he hasn't done during the past 3 years.

Democrats did the same thing during the Bush years.  They fought most GOP bills and actions.  These silly games are not new to Washington D.C. and it is a huge part of why our economy is disengaged and why we as a society are hurting so badly.  We have had a dysfunctional Congress for a very long time.

Our Congress is comprised of a bunch of big baby special interest juveniles who above all else like to play political games with American lives.  If the Democrats want a bill, the GOP fights it.  If the GOP wants a piece of legislation, the Democrats fight it.  If both parties want something, they will still fight and bicker about it.  THAT's how it's been for more than one decade and Americans are sick of an arguing and "do-nothing" Congress.

Obama has had enough too.  He appointed the people he wants to position when there was no Congress to interfere and play more political games.  Was it illegal for the President to do it?  No.  It is appropriate and constitutional whether Congress likes it or not.

If the GOP doesn't like what Obama did, well, tough.  Congress should have accepted or openly discussed the appointments before members decided to act-out and leave for recess.

The GOP has threatened Obama with a legal suit.  I can't wait.  There are no grounds for the lawsuit and the American people already showed their anger at Congress by increasing their positive opinion on Obama's popularity on his actions.

Maybe this will be the start of an Obama who will no longer be the "nice guy" who reaches out to the GOP in a pro-bipartisan effort.  After all, Congress does not work and play well with each other and Americans are the ones who get hurt by it.  Congress gets away with too many power-plays and juvenile feather-rustling.

I have a renewed hope in President Obama and I look for additional signs from his future actions that he will not let a runaway Congress dictate what must be done.  It's time Obama rises to the occasion and if he continues this type of no nonsense management, he will get my vote in November and I think that many Americans may feel the same way.

What do YOU think?


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