Saturday, October 1, 2011

Rick Perry in NH Trying to Undo His Own Idiocy

After poor debating appearances, Perry tries to convince the nation to support his creative education plan: providing tax dollars to educate the children of illegal immigrants.

How do you justify giving the child of an illegal immigrant a taxpayer gift of $100,000 to complete their college education?  Apparently Governor Rick Perry and Texas Legislators feel justified doing it and Perry is trying to convince the rest of the nation, starting with NH, among other things, that he is not an idiot. 

Despite that the child of an illegal immigrant may be a legal citizen under the current law, why should tax dollars be used to pay for that child's education and not do the same for the children of legal citizens?

It's going to be a tough sell, especially when the governor helped push through the deregulation of higher education tuition, which now makes it more difficult financially for many Texas children to afford a college education.  After the deregulation bill was approved the University of Texas raised its tuition at least 5 times.

Perry is trying to push his long-time experience as a border Governor to improve his weakened ratings with the American public.  The simple question is, "Doesn't the offer of $100,000 for completing education provide a reason for more illegals to enter Texas?"

Then Perry states that he is for building fences after first saying in response to Michelle Bachmann that he thinks fence building is a bad idea.  Furthermore, Perry wants to keep the Federal Government away from state affairs, but then points the finger at President Obama and the feds for not providing assistance in protecting Texas borders with Mexico.

Perry "the flip-flopper" is going to have a lot of problems defending himself on a variety of issues.

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