Wednesday, October 19, 2011

GOP 'Debate' in Las Vegas: the Mad Hatter's Tea Party

GOP 'Debate' in Las Vegas:  the Mad Hatter's Tea Party

by Peter Stern

First off, this was NOT a debate.  It was a 3-ring circus NOT hosted by Ringling Bros.

Notably missing from the "da-bate" were former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman and former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson.  So, are they both finished as GOP candidates or will they still fade in and out of debates?

In my humble opinion, Alice In Wonderland could not host a Mad Hatter's Tea Party any madder than the debate held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Rick Santorum and Michele Bachmann have approximately 1 percent of the poll votes, so what are they doing in the debate?  They need to leave.

At this point after several debates, none of the candidates appears to have anything new to say.  Bachmann gives her ongoing response of "I am the mother of all mothers who speaks to mothers all over the nation and I say mothers, hold on to your homes and take care of your children." speech.  Santorum doesn't realize that the only folks who may vote for him (and I emphasize MAY) are the voters of Pennsylvania.

The remaining candidates:  Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul point fingers at President Obama and each other.  Congressman Paul seems to be the only candidate that does not appear to be one of the clowns in a Ringling Bros. circus.

Although Ron Paul often is fixated on eliminating the Federal Reserve, the Congressman appears to be the most knowledgeable of the real issues facing the nation and has some good ideas on how to cut government spending, reduce regulatory interference over business, thereby creating jobs to boost the economy. 

Mr. Cain touts his 999 proposal almost as the only doctrine that will work for the nation, which really has quite a few flaws in it.  It is not as simple as Cain would like Americans to believe.  Meanwhile, Cain wants to model his economic big-wig after loser Alan Greenspan.  That alone should cause concern and must highlight why Americans should NOT consider Cain for the GOP candidate.

Mitt Romney seems smooth as silk at the podium, but he has had his hands in the financial sector as a CEO and corporate rebuilder.  The former Massachusetts Governor also favors deregulation, as do all of the GOP candidates.  However, the reality is that big business will NOT oversight themselves in an appropriate manner.  In fact, more corporations are becoming corrupt than ever before.

The truth is that there is no "perfect" candidate on the scene for the GOP, but it seems that of all of them the better choices are Ron Paul or Mitt Romney, neither of which truly merits the nomination.  Yet, President Obama is no prize either.

In addition, it should be realized by now that there is no one person who could make the changes that are needed in Washington D.C.   Both major parties are too busy playing political games and rustling their feathers for power & control.

Americans may be doomed to another 4 years of inaction and a more dismal economy, which will hurt millions while putting more profits into the hands of the corporate elite.

On the positive side, the current marches and sit-ins by many Americans throughout the nation may be a signal that Congress needs to change its ways and start working for the people as intended by our forefathers when they wrote the Constitution so many years ago.

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