Sunday, October 2, 2011

Public Education in Texas is Being Corrupted on Purpose

Public Education in Texas is Being Corrupted on Purpose

Officials really don’t care about the future of our children

by Peter Stern

To Governor Rick Perry, Members of the Texas Senate and House of Representatives and the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE):

Okay, we Texans get the message. Most of you do NOT want Texas Public Education to succeed. It is obvious by your actions that educating our children is the last thing on your minds. Most of you are contemptible!

You want our children to fail, unable to become well educated and remove any attempt of being successful employed at top-level jobs. It is clear that none of you want this. You rather want to reach out to other states who have paid for their children’s education and then bring them on into Texas and hire them so that Texas does NOT have to pay for an educated work force. Let the other states do that even though the Texas Constitution says that the state is responsible to provide a quality education for Texas children. You officials simply do NOT want to spend the money to make public education successful. You do NOT want to develop the smaller classes and quality programs to make public education a success.

Governor Perry, Texas Legislators and Members of the SBOE: you should all be ashamed of yourselves!  But you have no honor or conscience regarding the future of our children.

Historical documentation must and should be factual and NOT political perspectives. While politics plays a role in history, historical evidence and factual data must take precedence over contemporary political agendas. By letting your political constituents dictate how you develop history curriculum and textbooks is detrimental to educating our children and it is just damn wrong!   Furthermore, your political agendas are an embarrassment to the state of Texas and a detriment to public education.

You all are hoping that when public schools fail in Texas, and of course they will under the current ill effort you provide, the Supreme Court will permit a school voucher program for Christian private schools.  This is the root objective here in the state of Texas.  You all want public education to fail and enable private Christian and Charter schools to succeed.

What you are doing is NOT educating our children. You are spreading propaganda and brainwashing our children.  You are ensuring their failure in life.

Too many American heroes have fought and died for the right of real and proper education. In my mind, you are traitors to the United States and its citizenry.  You are corrupt and you are endangering the education, lives and future of our Texas children.

As a 100 percent Disabled Vietnam Veteran, I believe you are working against the U.S. Constitution and you deserve to serve time in prison as traitors to American education and the rights of students and teachers to learn and present true education.

Stop playing politics and games with our children’s education and future lives. It is your constitutional responsibility to provide every child with a quality public education.  This past year you have reduced the budget of public education by $4 BILLION!!!   Such actions scream louder than words. Texans should be up in arms against Governor Perry, Texans Legislators and the SBOE!!!

Instead, the people remain as sheep while their children are being led to slaughter.  You all are criminals to the state of Texas and villains to our children.   It is obvious that you all want public education to fail and for all your premeditated and un-Christian efforts, you wonderful Christians should rot in Hell for eternity.   One day you will get what you all deserve and hopefully that day may come soon.

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