Friday, October 14, 2011

Perry starts the ball rolling on 'his' Jobs via Energy Plan...

Well, it took a while, but Rick Perry is a man with an economic job plan.

Perry's plan appears very similar to his, or rather George W. Bush's, Trans-Texas Corridor plan, only using pipelines to move oil and gas around the nation and throughout the world.

Even so, Perry and his band of merry campaigners pledge an estimated 1.2 MILLION jobs will emerge from an energy industry program WITHOUT ANY FEDERAL REGULATIONS.

Brrrrr... did it just get very cold in here???

If you believe that one, I've got some gorgeous ocean-front property for sale in Central Texas that I can let you have at a great price!!!

Perry does NOT have a good track record with his job estimations. Americans already have witnessed Perry's visible brain farts and his decaying popularity first-hand after some fairly dismal debates.

The only topic Perry speaks on is energy, energy, energy, like in Texas, energy, energy, energy...

In truth, energy will only go so far. You can see why education means very little to Perry when he speaks and tries to structure his thoughts into sentences. No wonder why Texas is near last on the list of states that provide a quality education for their children.

The Texas Governor has a chunk of campaign dollars MOST LIKELY FROM ENERGY PROVIDERS that he will start to use as he tries to unravel and push his Energy Job Program to the American people.

Good luck with that!

ABC News posted an article about Perry's latest focus...


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