Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Dartmouth University GOP Debate --- who won it?

My first impulse is...

Was THAT a debate or a coffee klatch?

Goof of the evening award goes to Herman Cain stating that he would model his financial go-to person after Alan Greenspan, the former Chair of The Federal Reserve.   WHAAA???   What a rotten choice that was! Greenspan [and the FRB] was one of the causes of our financial decline.   I loved that Ron Paul shook his head in disbelief as Cain made the statement --- mostly because I did the same thing.

Trance State award goes to --- of course --- our own Rick Perry.   The only words out of Perry's mouth all evening were:  "Energy, energy, energy... like Texas did... energy, energy free competition... energy, energy... that'll get American back on track... energy, energy, energy, etc., etc."   At least the Texas Governor didn't flub-up this time in a major catastrophic way.   Clearly, Rick Perry doesn't know squat about the major issues Americans are facing and he doesn't have a clue about how to fix the real problems.

Truest question posed to another candidate award goes to Ron Paul, who said Herman Cain said things about the Federal Reserve that Cain swears he never said, but he did.

Most boring response award has to go to Michele Bachmann.   If I have to hear one more time about her 28 kids being the reason she knows about education and health care for children I may have to shoot my TV set.

Most animated yelling award goes to Rick Santorum who blew-up a few times like a Portuguese Blow Fish.

So, who won "the debate" last night?

I have to give the "W" to Mitt Romney.

The more I listen to Romney the more I am impressed that the guy makes the most sense consistently of the GOP bunch and he handles himself the best under pressure.   Would Romney make a good President?   Who knows?   But I am most worried about the GOP members being in control of our lives. They don’t have a good track record and they seem to be a mean-spirited bunch of yahoos who don’t really care about the poor and rapidly declining middle class.

How do you feel about the Dartmouth "Debate" ?

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